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Typically, the test design phase constitutes a major part of the testing lifecycle. The task of interpreting requirements in myriad forms and creating intelligent, yet optimal test design is often a challenge. A lot of time and effort is spent in interpreting, designing and documenting detailed test cases and scenarios. With the increasing system intricacy, test design also turns exponentially complex and critical. Not only that. Traditional test automation solutions focus on automating only the text execution phase that is scripting and executing the test design.

Hexaware’s Integrated Design2Execution solution automates the entire testing lifecycle, from test case design and scripting to test execution and defect logging. It automates the most complex and critical task and brings intelligence, optimization and automation to test design, using model-based testing (MBT). The solution integrates MBT with test automation scripting and execution, optimizing the test design and scripting and execution phases, while driving end-to-end automation.

Our Integrated Design2Execution solution drives superior customer experience and adds value in several other areas:

  • Delivers 60% faster time to market
  • Reduces costs by 40%
  • Increases manageability by 50%

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