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Internet Booking Engine

Personalize User Expectations at various touchpoints

The hospitality industry has gone through tremendous changes over the last decade as electronic distribution channels have emerged as a key performance indicator for all hotels. Hexaware’s in-depth knowledge of integrating various distribution channels has helped leading hotel providers ensure high utilization, guest satisfaction and industry regulation compliance.

Whether you are managing various corporate contracts, or focused on FIT business, our solution will help you achieve maximum mileage versus excellent stay experience. The blend of technology and guest information captured is only beneficial when the technology actually enhances the guests’ hospitality experience.

Creating Business Value by Enriching User Experience for Hotel’s Internet Booking Engine

Fully Customizable

Integrates seamlessly with the hotel or chain website; complete control over booking flow and specific functionality.

SaaS Option

No hardware to buy or install and reduce the cost of ownership; rapid implementation; easily configured by users;

Mobile, Cloud & Social Media Enabled

Responsive Design to ensure that the Mobile version is as user friendly as the web one.

CRM Integration

Keep track of valuable customer data from online guests; collect customer loyalty program data right at the point of sale

Customization & Personalization

Gives the guests the convenience of booking in their native language and currency

Seamless 3rd Party Integration

A 2 way interface between PMS, Hotel Bookings, GDS, OTA, Payment Gateways and other 3rd Party systems

Itinerary and Multi-Room Functionality

Makes it simple for guests to book rooms with no limits on number of room types or bookings in a single transaction

Unlimited Merchandizing Capabilities

Sell and promote your property with multiple images, dynamic packaging and promotional pricing

KPI Driven

Customized KPI’s created to measure the effectiveness of any new strategies

Cross Sell Opportunities

By offering alternate destinations, properties or even dates

Redefine Your Hotel Experience

  • Easy access to hotel and destination information, rates, promotions and more
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and boost revenue opportunities
  • Web-based CMS that enables the hotel to update app content. Changes are instant!
  • Integration with other systems within hotel such as PMS, IPTV, POS, RMS/BMS reservation systems and service monitoring systems

Digital Solutions For Hotel

Features Details
User Friendly Easy to use and offers an interactive, multimedia experience
Customization Can be Fully tailored, bespoke to suit hotel business’ needs and adhere to brand guidelines
Personalization Personalized according to guest preferences
Property Information Easy access to hotel and destination information, rates, promotions and more
Web Based CMS Web-based content management system that enables the hotel to update app content. Changes are instant!
Integrations Integration with other systems within hotel such as PMS, IPTV, POS, RMS/BMS reservation systems and service monitoring systems
Marketing Access to a wide range of content for internal and external products, services and information. Offers the ability to push offers and promotions to guests.
Multilingual Multilingual functionality enabling the hotel to interact with guests around the globe
Guest Survey Send relevant guest satisfaction surveys, ensuring a high percentage of feedback

I-Beacon is expected to remodel the way hospitality industry works –

With the Beacon technology, Hotel industry can provide their guests a new, convenient way of travel or stay experience. These small and inexpensive transmitters can be used by leading hotel & travel brands to communicate with consumers on their smartphones while they’re physically present at airports and hotels.

Hexaware, with its key focus at hospitality industry, can help integrating i-beacon technology in your hotel or resort with our platform management, which will not only help in building guest loyalty but also increase your sales and help you analyzing your traffic & create a personified experience.

Key Features

  • Customer Identification using Smartphone and device
  • Retail and CRM information push onto devices
  • Enterprise & Mobile Security assessment & implementation
  • Enable Hotel Staff to stay ‘in touch’

How Hotels can use Beacon Technology to Augment Guest Experiences:

  • Exploring the hotel: A customer can take a virtual tour of the entire hotel and explore it in advance to your arrival with the help of an iBeacon enabled mobile app of the hotel.
  • Indoor navigation and tracing the room: iBeacon can be used to determine the position of a guest in a large hotel, and direct him to his room. One can enable a mobile user to navigate and interact with specific regions geo-fenced using beacons.
  • Check-in: The Guest does not have to wait in long queues for check-in. Having booked the room from the hotel’s mobile application, the guest has already provided his personal details to the hotel. So as he reaches the hotel, the beacon at the entrance opens up this information automatically in his passbook and provides him with the electronic key.
  • Keyless entry into rooms: When a guest has digitally checked in, a digital key is sent to their smartphone via your app, allowing them to bypass the front desk and proceed directly to their room. An iBeacon picks up the guest’s phone when in close proximity and unlocks the room door, giving the guest a keyless entry to his room.
  • Room service: The app in the guest’s device is aware of his choice of cuisine and other preferences. Beacon lets you check menu on your phone and you can place your order right from your beacon-enabled mobile app.
  • Offers and Loyalty Programs:Using i-beacons, you will be able to customize promotions to specific locations in the hotel premises and send them right to a user’s smartphone.
  • Check-out: The whole process is seamless and hassle-free .On the last day of their stay, guests can be sent a push notification – giving them an option to either extend their stay, or to check out digitally. Send them a receipt, and after they have confirmed the amount on it, they can easily check out.

The ability to bypass the front desk and use a smartphone as a room key will roll out in 2016

The guest using bluetooth, the app-based system can automatically check you in, tell you your room number and be used to unlock the door without collecting a conventional key card from reception.

Bypassing the check-in desk entirely; the guests can simply register their phone in advance and opt in to the system through a push notification.

A second alert will let you know when you’ve been automatically checked in on your arrival date, post which, the app tells you your room number and is ready to unlock the door with a tap.

Key Features:

  • Integration with the Hotel’s Check in and Check out App.
  • Integration with Hotel’s Reservation and PMS systems
  • No need for the Customer to wait at the Hotel reception.
  • Auto Payment Updates
  • Room Availability and Features’ updates
  • Multi-Platform Support

Rail Reservation Automation Framework

We at Hexaware have a wealth of knowledge in developing and re-engineering various systems related to passenger retail and fulfillment for our Rail partners.

Test automation of TIS (Ticket Issuing Systems) is major challenge for Rail Reservation platforms. Basis our proven track record in rail domain, we have simulated and automated the standard passenger rail ticket issuing System. TIS can be part of a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Ticket Wending Equipment (TWE) used by booking clerks or it can be WEB or Mobile based TIS also.

Hexware’s Rail Reservation Simulation and Automation Framework include:

  • Payment card interface
  • Ticket printing interface
  • Back end booking/reservation interface from TIS
  • Message base response on RS232, TCP/IP, MQ Based Protocols

How it all works

  • Hexaware Automation Framework is built using QTP by HP – That is supported by business process understanding.
  • Excel based configuration to support zero manual inputs and better process crystallization.
  • Robotized response integration via WEB UI on Ticket Vending Machines (TVM)

Reservation Automation Strategy

Value Proposition

  • Enable to be your extended automated testing platform for Enterprise level test system
  • Approx. 70% reduction in costs and effort with our TIS automated testing platform
  • Enhanced reusability brings effort reduction for script development & maintenance
  • Ticket Vending Machine testing by automated verification of data & format of complex messaging
  • Ability to automatically capture testing scenario work flow artifacts, that helps to:
    • Facilitate activities of Multi-lingual testing & User-manual creation
    • Also would be handy for training purpose too
  • Ability to re-use automation assets for different forms of testing like unit and integration testing

Who All Benefits from this RAIL Automation tool

  • Passenger Train Company for both WEB/Kiosk based ticket issuing systems
  • Online Train Ticket Retailers
  • Travel Management Company
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