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Transportation service is one of the most important parts of supply chain & logistics business. If you are a Shipper or a 3PL (Third-party logistics provider), it is very important that you guarantee the management of the transportation in an accurate and precise manner.

Maintaining the reliability of your supply chain is an important aspect to ensure a high demand for your goods at all times. In today’s competitive world, meeting deadlines and attaining customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Thus, an excellent transportation management system (TMS) is a very effective method in helping you achieve your business goals.

Hexaware offers the following services for implementation of TMS applications:

System Implementation Services

In this dynamic world, it’s hard to fit a standard or single solution to meet versatile needs or service lines of any business. There are multiple factors that businesses take into consideration in the likes of – size and complexity, scope of proposed improvements, investments available and the level of success achieved with the previous initiatives.

Hence, we at Hexaware, adopt a “Business Benefit Approach” that is customized to cater your business needs while implementing any TMS application.

Application Support and Maintenance Services

Hexaware enjoys a proven track record of providing Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) services to customers for over two decades. We help you to keep your system functional round-the-clock to allow fault-free operations.

Some of our support services include:

  • Production Support for Functional and Technical Requirements
  • Minor and Major Enhancements
  • Application Monitoring and Reporting
  • Development Services

TMS Upgrade Services

Hexaware’s upgrade solution focuses on reducing time and effort along with least downtime for businesses by providing the latest TMS version (OTM and SAP TM) as an upgrade. We also help our customers realize significant cost benefits by using our proprietary tools & accelerators that act as catalysts during the TMS upgrade process.

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) is a modular best-in-class and industry’s leading transportation management system that offers end-to-end solutions for any transportation needs.

Hexaware has shown proven expertise in the following OTM services:

Order Management Improve sales visibility, customer self-service tracking, and blanket sales agreements to speed up sales cycles
Planning and Optimization Identify growth and make profitable decisions based on fore-planning, optimize working practises and resources with the help of a workflow-based approach
Freight and Claims Settlement Automate manual freight procedures
Fleet Management Manage fleet without affecting carrier efficiency and trailers

Increased demand on the efficiency of the supply chain requires closer cooperation between shippers and logistics providers. A tighter integration leads to drive more and more cost out of their complex supply chains while improving services.

SAP Transport Management Solutions (TM 9.0 /9.1), is one such application, that helps you to plan, automate, orchestrate, & execute the movement of goods and enable you to reduce cost by 10 to 15% and improve service level by 25%.

Services offered by Hexaware in SAP TM System Implementation Services
Upgrade Services
Support and Maintenance Services
Testing Services
Pre-configured Solution Deployment
SAP TM Fit-gap Analysis

Our Expertise in SAP TM

Right from Freight settlement to metrics monitoring to gaining visibility; we touches various functions of SAP TM and helps you identifying & extracting ‘value’ from your logistics business.

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