Digital Solutions for Logistics, Logistics Mobile Solutions

Digital transformation has had a significant impact on the transportation and logistics industry. New technological devices & solutions enable logistics companies to provide mobile point-of-sale systems, track inventory digitally, and instantly reference checklists or communications.

In addition to its proven expertise in providing end-to-end IT services, Hexaware has invested in developing futuristic solutions for the transportation and logistics industry

We offer transportation and logistics operations the much-needed visibility, decision support capability and automatic data capturing options required to improve the accuracy and speed of their operations.

Our mobile solution feeds intelligent information to the operational teams, so that they can benefit from the smallest opportunity to enhance the supply chain performance.

The solution caters to different business scenarios in a supply chain such as:

  • Pre-pickup Visibility
  • Hub Management
  • Loading Integrity
  • Proof of Delivery(POD)

LoadX allows any transport management system (TMS) application to virtually connect to any other system in the customer environment. It facilitates the real-time, automatic exchange of transaction data (for example, order and invoice data), master data and shipment tracking information

Our automated testing suite is built using our proprietary testing tool – DTA (Digital assurance test accelerator). It includes a bank of scenarios covering the business-critical modules in TMS and provides end-to-end functional coverage. Hexaware assures an approximate 40% to 50% reduction in testing effort and a faster return on investment using our automation test suite

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