e-freight aims at an accurate, paperless and timely electronic information exchange for partners in air cargo supply chain. Heavy reliance on paper, with all the related inefficiencies of generation, tracking and maintenance, makes the process prone to failures. Hexaware’s e-freight Kit acts as a technology enabler for efficient information exchange across the air freight supply chain.

The e Air Waybill (AWB) is an electronic contract of carriage that will be replacing the paper AWB contract.

The product enables forwarders to submit consignment data and shipment manifest data to the airlines directly from their in-house IT systems.

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Data Accuracy - Process Discipline - Cost Saving - Process Efficiency

Low cost and smaller airlines are looking at 30% of revenue coming in from ancillary services and even large full service airlines are hoping that by 2018, more than 18% of their revenue will come from value added ancillary services. With such large numbers all stake holders in the airline business are gearing to lure the passengers with the in-flight Wi-Fi or a special meal or a lounge package before boarding or even bundling a Hotel with the flight ticket. Hexaware’s NDC solution will allow Airlines to use the new IATA standards to offer ancillary services from a larger amount of touch points including GDSs and OTAs.

Read more below to learn how Hexaware’s solution will allow a faster migration to IATA’s NDC standards and eventually open more avenues to offer ancillary services

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With more than 80% of the bookings being done through Desktop and Mobile booking applications and more than 50% of passengers check in online, it is fair to assume that self-service is becoming an increasingly important decision making factor for passengers before booking on a particular airline.

Hexaware’s initiative H-Tag (self baggage tag printing) is a plug and play product towards an existing Internet check-in application. H-Tag seamlessly integrates and provides the needful home baggage tag generation business solution. The outcome is PDF layout that can then be printed by the passenger at their own convenience.


  • Tracking the Bags:
    • Usage of Permanent Bag Tags
    • HomingPIN (Unique Identifier Service)
    • RFID tags
  • Future can be with usage of Beacons:
    Bluetooth beacons are transmitters that use bluetooth which can be attached to a bag and can be used to make a “thing”, that can connect on to the network.

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Hexaware understands that the need for automation is not only limited to the passenger experience. The initiative mandated by IATA towards e-services would lead to a paper-free environment, provide improved accountability and increase up-selling capabilities. These changes are estimated to result in industry savings of USD 2-3 Billion with improved revenue performance from multiple sources.

HexEMD seamlessly integrates in your technology environment to support your business needs and is ready for future ancillary revenue streams.
For more details, please refer following HexEMD brochure

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Hexaware’s MRO practice leverages its experience to create tools and services which helps its customers in Transformation to a new MRO System, implementing industry specific Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytical solution for predicting part failures and future maintenance requirements, leverage new technologies to add Augmented Reality, Cloud and Big Data solutions in Digital MRO Services space.

Hexaware's Digital MRO Suits

Hexaware’s Digital MRO Suite of Offerings includes:

  • Start to End complete Transformation of your existing MRO Systems. We have the expertise and tools for migrating MRO systems in legacy technologies to new generation technologies.
  • System Integration and Automated Testing Suite covering 1000+ MRO functions.
  • Industry specific Data Warehouse built on reliable and exhaustive data model.
  • MRO Analytics solution providing business insights into your Cost, Operation, Inventory, Procurement, Projection analysis, Aircraft OTP and Schedule maintenance & events.
  • Inventory Optimization Solution to manage inventory levels and reduce inventory cost.
  • Advanced Analytics using sensors data to predict aircraft technical faults and failures.
  • Mobility, IOT and Wearable solutions for workforce enablement and to increase operational efficiency in the maintenance areas.
  • Infrastructure Setup and Management service for the IT setup required for new generation aircrafts.
  • Business Process Management services in the areas of Technical Records, Purchasing, Maintenance Engineering, etc.

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