Information Services and Platforms

The core functions of information services firms is to analyse and provide information on current trends and their impact on the industry in order to create new opportunities, understand how these opportunities may require changes to corporate strategy and product portfolio. It is also involved in preparing a strategy to respond to the impact of these trends on the market that enable change and cultural evolution. The common challenges faced by these firms are; rapidly changing business needs , high transaction volumes, high business criticality where failure is not an option for software component and fault tolerance is needed. Hexaware’s in-depth experience on Micro services, benchmarking tools, and Search Engine optimisation is very well harnessed by these firms.

  • Using Micro services, we provide a more granular software architecture in which application components are designed and evolved independently, and that helps in migrating monolithic high load applications, introducing niche platforms or diverse technologies and independent deployments
  • Benchmarking tool helps compare business performance to a relevant peer group for business process costs, functions or department costs, Full Time Equivalents (FTE’s) numbers and costs, and cycle times
  • Forecasting module helps SEO professionals make informed investment decisions with a comprehensive view of search ROI. It enables users to plan and prioritize SEO initiatives based on the opportunity available and the difficulty levels in achieving those opportunities
  • Some other technical services in this sector provided by Hexaware are Cloud based implementation, with embedded intelligence for Skill based routing, Cognitive Assistant Interface (Alexa), PaaS Solutions and superior end user experience augmented with Analytics
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