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Driving the Future of Education

The education system is going through a major change with digital technology affecting all aspects of the education system. Educational institutions; irrespective of their size or segment-big, small, public, private, K-12, primary, secondary, and graduate-are embracing this change with gusto. As a result, learning and technology now go hand in hand, and all segments of learners are using digital technologies such as social, mobile, and cloud to meet academic needs.

We, at the Hexaware Education Practice, act as an enabler to help the educational institutions face and deal with the dynamically changing environment. We understand the opportunities, the challenges, the stakeholder expectations and the experience requirements. We have built deep and broad expertise in the nearly 2 decades that we have been serving the worldwide educational institutions.

Hexaware is a specialised IT services provider with a dedicated practice focused on serving educational institutions. We can help with all phases of planning, development, implementation, and operations. Hexaware offers the complete portfolio of solutions for educational institutions ranging from the Business Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services; to Application Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Support; to IT Infrastructure and Business Process Outsourcing. We use the Hexaware experience and proven methodologies to address the unique client requirements, while leveraging tools and solutions accelerators to reduce the time to market.

Service Offerings

Hexaware’s solutions and services for the Education domain leverages the best of breed technological solutions after a detailed fitment analysis with the business needs, resulting in satisfied stakeholder experience.

All our solutions have a clear focus on the learner and are designed to promote the experience of learning.

Digital Services

Our Digitalization services help customers transform business, enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiencies and assist in the journey from Data to Digital. We have rich experience and cross capabilities to help our customers in the transformation. Some of our enablers include:

Digital Student

  • Hexaware‘s Digital Student is an integrated, simplified platform that enables students to access services and perform tasks, while delivering the best student experience
  • We have formulated an exciting new way for students to collaborate in real time and access institutional information(consolidating information from multitude back office systems), digital curriculum, content delivery and real time analytical trends
  • Universities can use this platform to build trust and proactively service students’ unique needs

Student Marketing

  • “One size fits all” marketing strategy may not reach the intended audience.
  • Targeted marketing effort helps to differentiate and reach out to the right audience and attract the brightest minds to join your institution
  • Hexaware helps you with a concentrated marketing effort that focuses on individual learner’s preference and contextual content to help them in making informed choices

Student Onboarding

  • Personalize your onboarding experience with our smart Student Onboarding system We enrich your onboarding experience with digital and real time support, collaborative forums and engaging videos
  • Onboarding systems’ intelligent analytics helps in gaining deeper insights into student behavior, analyze their actions and make strategic decisions

Digital Learning

  • We help customers develop Digital Learning solutions based on the themes of Personalized, Engaging and Lifelong Learning experience
  • Our solution tracks analytics based on students’ behavior and helps institutions to enhance student engagement

Student Support Services

  • An effective way to bridge the gap between learners and institutions is to adopt an efficient student helpdesk process
  • During their journey with the institutions, students must have a way to reach out to institutions to clarify any queries, service requests and get updated on the status of incidents
  • We can help from onboarding a prospect to admission to servicing students when at Campus

Product Engineering and Development

Hexaware has a rich experience working with global companies and Service Providers in the design, build and maintenance of their platforms. We use our vertical experience, technology excellence and product partnerships to deliver superior engineering services for our customers.

Hexaware’s PES and Application Transformation expertise helps in all phases from pre-admissions, admission customizations, curriculum authoring, management and assessment to managing awards, campus life, graduation and alumni.

We have delivered value to our customers through custom-built solutions based on the right-technology approach and enterprise-level integrations.

With the deep domain expertise we possess, we are equipped to provide consulting support to our clients and implement a traceability matrix of processes across the complete lifecycle.

Every client and their business processes are unique as is the associated automation design. With our automation solutions, we deliver value to our customer and they in turn have happy users.

Some of our sample projects in Education services include:

Curriculum Management

  • Curriculum is one of the enticing reasons for students to join an institution
  • Over the years, Hexaware has been helping Institutions to build Unified Curriculum Authoring Tools that defines the objective and meets the required statutory compliances
  • With our rich User Experience, we are adept in creating visual designs of the product prototype that will meet your Institutions’ unique needs

Collaboration Services

  • Collaboration services provides closed loop Institution-Student interactions, enhances student engagement and personalized support
  • Hexaware provides educational institutions with a streamlined end to end solution with a unified interface for different departments across the Institution
  • Our Solutions have evolved over the years of designing solutions for Institutions, understanding their deeper pain points and visualizing their dream of a Collaborative Learning environment

Student Analytics

  • Our powerful Analytical Platform provides a strong foundation for Institutions in making strategic decisions on identifying potential geographies for recruitment, measuring performance of recruitment
  • Hexaware’s Intelligent Analytics suite help in tracking student’s performance, measuring fascial status of programs offered by institutions, predicting learners performers for student retention
  • The data can be used for optimizing learning experience, drive down costs and gain valuable insights for institution wide decision making

Schedule Management

  • Automating faculty schedule management thereby eliminating the need for a paper based allocation process
  • The system automatically allocates faculty based their core skills to courses and presents reports to Dean’s office for final decision making

Back-Office Services

Student Information System
  • Hexaware has over a decade of experience in supporting SIS and related systems for our customers across Custom and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
  • We have helped customers in implementing, upgrading, supporting and migrating from legacy solutions to matured SIS solutions
  • We help with implementing and Integrating with other back office systems, data warehousing solutions and Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
  • Hexaware has been delivering value in COTS implementation and upgrades space for our customers for more than 17 years
  • Hexaware specializes in this space providing consulting, deployment and management offerings. We do a complete health check of the existing system, define business roadmap and propose the required business process reengineering.
  • If need be, we also propose the complete roadmap for legacy modernization. We bring in our proven experience in deployment of the campus solutions, mapping business functional needs to system, CRM, HR, Financial and Supply Chain Systems.To know more
Digital Assurance
  • We have a dedicated education testing practice specialised in managed testing services through agile testing using proven frameworks like agile dev ops and test factory setup.
  • This testing practice also has expertise in digitization test offerings like Cloud, SOA, Mobility and Enterprise solutions.
  • Hexaware’s Digital Assurance has expertise in setting up, managing and enabling Global Testing Centre of Excellence for our clients.
  • We have built-in business process focused accelerators to realise full value of implemented solutions. To know more

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