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Build high-quality, customer-focused,
next-gen digital pharma products

Product development in pharmaceuticals demands continuous attention to the rapidly evolving landscape. Life sciences innovators aim to make life-changing possibilities a reality by accelerating access to better health for people everywhere. However, for many, fragmented systems, organizational silos, and disconnected data impede innovation and put product quality at risk.

Further to this, COVID-19 has severely disrupted pharma and MedTech R&D. A McKinsey survey held in April 2020 indicates that R&D leaders were spending an average of 40 to 50 percent of their time on crisis management. This led to a consensus among R&D leaders to invest in innovation for sustaining operations and shaping the next normal. By building a recovery plan and embracing the ‘digital bridge’ agility into trials and commercial operations, life sciences organizations have begun adopting new digital tools transforming clinical trial operations and aiding commercialization in a remote or hybrid setting.

Hexaware’s product engineering services aim at improving patient engagement and experience by supporting innovations that reduce pharma costs, boost population health, and make healthcare more accessible and transparent at all levels. We work towards overcoming price concerns and achieving product excellence while enabling faster go-to-market.

With over three decades of Digital DNA culture and domain expertise in the Healthcare & Life Science space, we enable pharma companies to improve digital engagement strategies and drive business optimization by building high-quality customer-centric next-generation products that transform the customer experience landscape.

Our Approach

Our approach to digital product engineering starts with the creation of a design and development strategy ensuring a human-centered value proposition. Leveraging our expertise in design thinking and in building pharmaceutical product development excellence frameworks, pharma companies can navigate through the shifting landscapes and capitalize on opportunities ahead of the competition.

Significant customer stories

We have enabled a leading global contract sales organization, servicing top pharma companies in the US and UK, to fast-track their digital transformation strategy post-COVID-19 and in engineering their digital platforms to enhance and expand their commercialization services at scale.

For one of the leading clinical research organizations, we have designed and built a virtual clinical trial platform leading to $1.02 Mn in annual savings and a 25% increase in patient onboarding to clinical trials.

Insights & Success Stories

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