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Digital strategies and tools to boost pharma
patient engagement

Patients are no longer willing to buy a drug just because a doctor is recommending it. There is an increasing shift in patients expecting drug developers and drug companies to help them achieve their health goals rather than simply providing a product. This demand is creating opportunities for the pharma companies to work on enhanced patient engagement solutions.

With significant efforts and large investments, pharma companies are taking next-gen breakthroughs of treatments to patients faster through digital health solutions. Meanwhile, healthcare organizations are moving towards the holistic treatment of a disease in such a way that it will result in the best therapeutic benefits for patients. This growing interdependence of pharma and healthcare has increased the need for brand positions of therapeutic drugs to be supported by clinical and real-world evidence. With patients and decision-makers having more access to information than ever before, pharma companies are looking to conform to experience, behavior and changing needs to thrive in the competitive market. There is an expectation that big data and AI will demonstrate their value to the pharma world.

The effort in developing a vaccine for the pandemic at warp speed has demonstrated a transformative approach by the pharma industry in breaking pre-existing conventions and accelerating the adoption and integration of digital tools in clinical research and patient engagement. Although the current shift in the industry appears promising for the future of pharma, the expected outcomes in moving towards pharma customer engagement solutions can only be achieved if more leaders and companies are looking to break the patterns that are driving the pharma industry to enhance patient engagement strategies and remain product centric.

Organizations can start by reviewing their commercial strategies to build customer- experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector to connect sales, marketing, medical and other functions and harmonize interactions with customers, thus enabling a successful transformation.

Our experience in patient engagement

At Hexaware, we have extensive experience empowering our clients, including large pharma and medical device companies with the right digital strategy for positioning their brand concisely, leveraging the right tools and technology that improves patient experience and enables their commercial teams to gain a deeper understanding of patient and HCP needs and getting the right systems and data in place to identify efficient and effective pricing of medicines for bringing the right medicines to patients at the right time.

We worked with one of the largest global CROs supporting pharma companies to build a patient recruitment solution that led to 2X faster recruitment of patients for trials across multiple therapeutic areas.

For a multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, we implemented an orchestrated HCP engagement platform with a focus on customer centricity for physicians and allowed them to collaborate with the commercial team across multiple channels. Through this platform, we enabled sales and marketing digitization for coordinating all customer touchpoints across the sales and marketing functions.

We also offer an integrated digital patient experience and data management platform providing a centralized system of engagement to improve patient engagement and collaboration among HCPs, caregivers, and pharma teams to transform patient journey through a consistent, personalized omnichannel experience and virtual care for patient satisfaction.

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