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Improving patient experience with digital tools to drive better business outcomes

The pharmaceutical industry is at a crucial turning point. On the one hand, tech-savvy and well-informed patients are demanding personalized experiences and self-health management, and on the other hand, organizations are looking for a better pharmaceutical digital strategy and ways to measure or intervene to improve human health, optimizing patient care and health outcomes. This changing landscape is driving life sciences companies to go beyond the pill by engaging directly with patients to improve their products as well as patient outcomes. This requires significant investments in platforms that support real-world data, patient workflow and commercial operations.   

Patients today rely on digital health apps to improve their mental health, track fitness, and optimize overall wellbeing. Besides introducing innovative applications to extend self-management, leveraging connected health through wearables to get real-time data and generate actionable insights on the unique behavioral pattern for each patient is helping pharma companies deliver a proactive and personalized patient experience. Furthermore, with evidence-based software-driven therapeutic interventions, pharmaceutical organizations can improve medication adherence and engagement of chronically ill patients. 

With a sharp focus on a human-centric approach coupled with IoT-enabled connected health, digital therapeutics, and medical apps, Hexaware enables pharma companies to accelerate the design, development and scaling of meaningful and compliant digital medicine solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into a pharma patient journey. Through Mobiquity, our digital health subsidiary, we have worked with some of the leading pharma companies to design and build digital patient engagement solutions, leveraging technology in meaningful ways. 

Significant Customer Stories

We collaborated with one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies on a guided mobile app experience to help educate, motivate, and reward chronic pain sufferers. The solution helped patients better manage their pain through an intuitive interface, thereby proactively increasing the distance between pain events while reducing the pain magnitude. For a Europe-based global healthcare company, we developed a care management application with a centralized portal for managing patient’s health conditions. This connected health monitoring solution consisted of a mobile app for patients and their caregivers and a physician portal that provided digital communications capabilities, tracking of patient vital signs and automated creation of calendar entries and reminders. This solution was launched in the US as well as EU, South, and Latin America.

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