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Pressing challenges such as ensuring affordability, patient centricity and superior outcomes leave little room for laggards in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace. Hexaware helps healthcare providers reimagine care delivery and patient engagement through digital transformation. Our suite of offerings provides comprehensive support across the value chain ranging from modernization of legacy systems to operational optimization. Our solutions drive patient-centric preventive care at affordable costs by leveraging analytics and leading technologies.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, industry players are compelled to shift to digitally-enabled, consumer-focused care models in order to ensure sustainability and growth. Hexaware helps payers transform and adopt new business models to effectively respond to dynamic market and consumer demands. From modernizing legacy processes, developing digital strategies and improving care quality to managing population health and reducing waste, our offerings portfolio helps you improve process efficiencies, monetize new opportunities, and drive superior outcomes.

Hexaware’S Claims Management Solutions

End to End Claims Management

Hexaware’s Claims management solutions support technology enabled end-to-end claims services, from mailroom through claims pay outs.

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Hexaware’s hFraud engine

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention

Hexaware’s hFraud engine utilizes six layers of analysis to detect and prevent fraud in the claims management cycle.

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Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

Our services portfolio includes application support and maintenance, legacy modernization, platform consolidation and data migration.

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Population Health Management

Population Health Management

A comprehensive suite of services that aggregates member data into a unified, actionable member record and enables better care management

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IT- Insurance Business Process Testing Tool


Our business process testing approach is supported by IT- Insurance Business Process Testing Tool (i BPTT) that helps simplify and accelerate quality assurance process.

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The healthcare industry is going through significant transformation in the face of increasing demand for affordable and quality care delivery. Emerging technologies help address these dynamic market needs, and enable healthcare providers and health systems to collaborate across the value chain and gain meaningful business insights. This, in turn, facilitates cost containment, patient-centered care and enhanced care delivery. Hexaware offers services and solutions that enable you to harness the power of digital technology to create a more patient-focused environment that is both integrated and efficient.

Hexaware partners with providers and brings unique services and solutions you need to create a more patient-focused environment that is interconnected and efficient.

Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Hexaware provides solutions and services to support Population Health Management for providers.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Get faster payments, optimize revenue, manage denials and obtain efficiencies

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Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Enhance decision making and ensure timely compliance with accurate reporting

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Hexaware’S Data Digital Services


Hexaware’s Data to digital services enable organizations to digitally reimagine care delivery and engagement models by harnessing the power of social, mobile, Cloud and analytics.

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Healthcare reforms, evolving regulations, escalating costs, and increasing pricing pressures are compelling pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to offer innovative products at an optimized cost. Hexaware’s suite of offerings helps you adopt robust strategies to streamline operations, enhance process efficiencies, and optimize productivity at a lower cost. We help you build agility and facilitate innovation to create quality products, accelerate time-to-market, build deeper customer engagement, and drive superior patient experience.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Our comprehensive suite of solutions helps streamline healthcare supply chain, improve operational efficiency and create growth opportunities.

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Commercial Insights

Commercial Insights

Hexaware’s commercial insights offerings help pharmaceutical organizations to make effective cross-functional decisions, increase market share and enhance business outcomes.

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Customer Intimacy

Customer Intimacy

Get a distinctive perspective on customer analysis, sentiment analysis and competitor landscape

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Clinical Data Management

Clinical Trials

Our comprehensive portfolio includes clinical data management, report writing, regulatory support and pharmaco vigilance.

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Whether you are a wellness and disease management organization, fitness company or a lifestyle management organization, the very fundamentals of the industry are changing. Members today are leading multifaceted life styles which makes understanding them complex. Lack of integration between core applications and customer data sources are furthering the gap.

Hexaware helps wellness and lifestyle companies derive holistic member insights by integrating applications and customer data sources. This enables you to offer consumer-centric wellness solutions, and in turn, drive greater member engagement and retention.

Member Engagement

Member Engagement

Contains services and solutions that enable organizations to create new engagement strategies and build the foundational infrastructure necessary to power digital success.

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Risk Stratification And Member Outreach

Risk Stratification and Member Outreach

Hexaware’s health FIT solution is designed to combine wearable technology & employee wellness data along with their health data and perform comprehensive analysis.

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Program RoI Analysis

Program RoI Analysis

We offer services that look at measuring ROI using multiple parameters that reflect how outcomes affect employees personally and improve organization performance

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