Intelligent Technologies Enabling Regulatory Compliance and Better Care Outcomes

CROs today are trying to provide efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions to pharma and medical devices companies. Also, data and process complexities are increasing along with changing global regulatory requirements. The inability to activate sites on time or complete patient enrollment as per required numbers are common problems. Extended timelines cause costs to increase, affecting cost efficiency. CROs want an agile operating model to conduct optimized trials, improve coordination between various stakeholders such as CRA, principal investigator and subjects; make decisions quickly, achieve robust performance and provide a 360-degree view to sponsors.

Hexaware offers solutions and services that enable CROs to drive business optimization, be mobile and on the cloud, automate and shrink their cost of operations and leverage the power of data to empower sponsors with insights for informed decision making.

We have been able to achieve 40% savings in TCO for a CRO by automating their quality assurance process.

Hexaware’s integrated Population Health Management platform

Population health management helps providers deliver quality treatment to populations based on their needs.

Clinical Data & Analytics using Cloud EDMA

CROs are experiencing a data explosion with newer sources of real world data like social media, healthcare apps, wearables and mobile devices coming into the picture. High storage cost, fluctuating data volume, unpredictable data formats and siloed distribution hamper utilization and monetization of data.

Hexaware’s Cloud Enterprise Data Management and Analytics (Cloud EDMA) can help shift decades of on-premise, long-standing legacy clinical and commercial Data Warehouses to the cloud at the lowest risk and expense, and with minimal downtime while modernizing Data and BI / AI architecture. Advanced analytics solutions deliver a real-time, accurate and timely 360-degree view of customers and businesses, enabling decision making and problem-solving.

We bring the benefits of automation right from the assessment stage to the transformation stage resulting in a reduction in time and effort by over 60%.  This helps ensure data quality and governance of clinical data on the cloud and get a complete end to end view of trial, site, subject, milestones, adverse events, etc. enabling you to make decisions much faster and provide timely and transparent reports to sponsors.

Automate Business Processes

Hexaware enables CROs to keep the cost pressure down and meet regulatory timelines by automating and optimizing their clinical trial activities such as case intake in pharmacovigilance and investigator payments using RPA. Case intake forms in multiple languages can be translated and unstructured data can be extracted from various sources using cognitive technologies to achieve increased efficiency. RPA, chatbot and cognitive technologies help ensure faster site startup, conduct of operations, and accurate and fast safety reporting. 

Hexaware with the help of automation accelerators and value stream maps can help you in your automation journey.

Business Transformation

CROs are looking at creating an efficient next-generation process infrastructure to drive growth and efficiency. Hexaware’s BPM services offer consulting, assessment and implementation services and Lab Try-Out services enabling CROs to orchestrate business processes among existing systems and applications both within and beyond the enterprise across geographies and number of sites or trials.

Clinical workflow management can provide real-time access to accurate information on study progress and help monitor and control enterprise and site level risks. 

Hexaware’s solution for site monitoring helps increase CRA effort utilization and improves consistency, accuracy, speed of data and subject review.

CarrotCube Patient Engagement Platform

CarrotCube Patient Engagement Platform expands your reach and provides access to diverse populations and difficult-to-recruit candidates, solving the toughest clinical study challenges.

CarrotCube helps in managing clinical trials efficiently by reducing the gaps in care throughout the trial and allows accessibility to patient-reported data and outcomes. The solution is built on a Salesforce Health-Cloud with integration to key CTMS, ePRO and eCOA system components that address the needs of regulatory compliance and reporting.

Clinical Cloud Migration

Hexaware’s Clinical Cloud solution provides an end-to-end solution from an assessment using Hexaware’s own Cloud Readiness Index to Architecting the GxP compliant Cloud Solution and automating the Cloud Migration, Validation, and Continuous Compliance monitoring. This ensures a smooth cloud migration journey for CROs and helps them leverage big data analytics and automation for business transformation.

Automate Testing

Hexaware has an Automation First approach comprising various commercial, open-source and in-house automation solutions for testing across all layers of an application (UI, Service and Data layers) and phases of testing life cycle to deliver quality with speed. We automate end-to-end workflow testing of various applications like corporate applications (HR, Finance) and help in automating clinical applications like CTMS and Trackwise.

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