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There are several digital trends that are shaping the future of Healthcare and Life Science companies – all fueled by the need to lower costs, provide a superior and personalized experience to stakeholders, and be compliant with all regulatory mandates. Hexaware with its right set of solution offerings, capabilities, and an experienced team with domain and technical expertise can help payers, providers and life science companies in their digital transformation journey.


Hexaware works with world’s leading Payers, Providers and Life Sciences companies including top CROs, largest global pharmaceutical data and information services providers, and Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Hexaware also provides end-to-end BPS services with 400+ claims processing specialists managing 1B+ policies with $5 B+ in payouts. We have been able to deliver significant business benefits to our customers like improving the Mobile application star rating from 1 to 4.75, 260% uptick in online member registration through co-development of a portal and 84% improved Response Time for Eligibility checking.

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