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Evolving Patient Experience Journeys

Digital health has delivered power right into the hands of patients, shifting their role towards that of a healthcare consumer accustomed to on-demand and personalized experiences.

How does this impact patients? And, how should industry stakeholders evolve to accommodate them?

Healthcare data holds key to building personalization into experiences, services, and products, and it is for this reason that the global Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is estimated to grow at CAGR above 14 % and reach market value around USD 40 billion by 2026 (Acumen Research and Consulting).

At Hexaware, we are following this movement from a diverse set of angles, including how providers, payers and pharmaceutical organizations can create compelling customer experiences, and how data from billions of connected systems can be analyzed for business and patient needs.

There are several digital trends that are shaping the future of Healthcare and Life Science companies – all fueled by the need to lower costs, provide a superior and personalized experience to stakeholders and be compliant to all regulatory mandates. Hexaware with its right set of capabilities, experienced resources with domain and technical expertise can help payers, providers, and life science companies in their digital transformation journey.

Hexaware Healthcare IT services bring in strong domain understanding and experience by working with top CROs, largest global pharmaceutical data and information services providers, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, leading Third Party Administrators, Payers, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and health fitness companies.

Significant customer benefits delivered:

  • Improving a global company’s mobile application star rating from 1 to 4.75
  • 260% uptick in online member registration through co-development of the portal
  • 60% reduction in call center volume and 84% improved response time enabling customer self-service
  • Achieved 55% savings in overall claims operational costs with 95% accuracy for a global insurer

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