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Monitor and Evaluate Seamlessly with STREaM

Asset managers/portfolio managers rely on information that needs to be collated from multiple sources/systems that aids them to make the right portfolio management decisions. To ensure a perfect start of the day (SOD), they need to check the readiness of their systems, data and operations, timely. Typically, an asset management office has many systems, right from order and trading, compliance, portfolio valuation, accounting, and performance and risk management, and all the systems need to be up and running with the right data set. Currently, checks are done at various points and systems; however, there is no consolidated dashboard or system to monitor the wellness of the application, data and reports.

Hence, running through multiple checklists every day to ascertain their systems are up and running with the right data is inevitable and also time consuming.

Hexaware’s automated solution STREaM for Asset Managers saves them time to fetch relevant data. The platform empowers stakeholders and alerts them by effectively monitoring different systems from multiple vendors through a unified and centralized dashboard.

The solution is backed up by an AutomatON BOT library with 200 plus out-of-the-box reusable components for quick development of automation BOTs and 150 BOTs developed and implemented as a part of reusable scripts.

How does it work?

The solution parses through multiple systems and back office data providers to provide a checklist for System, Data and Operation readiness and presents a single dashboard (based on various parameters) of the activities. The result exhibits the status of the System/ Data/ Operation (which is color coded).

Green – Implies System/ Data/ Operation readiness

Red– Implies error with System/ Data/ Operation readiness (To address the issue, an email will be triggered to the respective asset manager)

Key Features:

  • 360-degree view of System/ Data/ Operation readiness status on a single dashboard
  • Interactive dashboard for faster root cause analysis and quick turnaround
  • Auto resolution for recurring issues and common exceptions
  • Configurable monitoring depending on time and event
  • 20% to 30% saving in time-to-market and in identifying and resolving the issues
  • Multiple channel access (web, mobile, etc.)
  • Modular design and user-friendly interface
  • Assured data security as the application bot parses the log, ticket and event files, and not the data files
  • Customizable dashboard and readiness check BOT scripts as per client requirements
  • No initial license fee as the automaton library is built on an open source platform
  • Benefits are available either as a fully Managed Service program or outcome-based Automation-as-a-Service program

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