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Automating Financial Industry Value Chain

Digital disruption has made meaningful inroads in the financial services sector post the 2008 recession era. However, the current digital transformation in financial services has not managed to start a broader revolution. But now, Fintech companies, 3rd party financial products and the arrival of blockchain have forced the financial services industry to relook at their existing business model. The appearance of stringent data sharing regulations globally has left the current financial technology yearning for robust functionalities. The new user is an empowered digital native who can transact via self-service and operate peer-to-peer without any intrusion from a commercial entity.  

Hexaware’s vision is to empower the financial services industry with its robust Digital Component Framework (DCF) that safeguards their digital transformation program.  

DCF brings a distinguished sense of comfort to an industry succumbing to the wave of aggressive Fintech players and uninterested customers.  

The DCF takes an inside-out approach to address vital aspects of digital transformation journey considering:   

  • Smart digitalization of complex processes within Corporate Actions, Client Onboarding, KYC, Trade Processing, Underwriting etc.  
  • The best data outcomes by managing and integrating unstructured and structured data  
  • Advanced analytics to promote important investment decisions  
  • Intuitive Chatbots for next-gen customer communication  
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for laborious transactional processes   

It is time to unleash a new dimension in digital transformation by harnessing automation capabilities and exceeding customer expectations with Hexaware’s Digitalization Component Framework. 

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