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Banks are exploring new technologies for improving wealth reporting through transparent analytics, full compliance and optimal performance

The challenge of wealth management reporting is three-fold. For the clients and investors, it is about simplicity and transparency through wealth analytics. For the regulator, it is about client protection and implications of jurisdiction-oriented investment statutes and liability, including those for tax. For the wealth manager, it is about performance and ease of reporting to its organization

What we offer

With our automation-led data management capabilities, data silos across all lines of businesses and jurisdictions are effectively broken down for periodic extracts, to achieve the foundation for a unified portfolio view for the organization. Meeting the needs of internal, regulatory and investor or client reporting is effectively streamlined with the use of intuitive dashboard-driven reporting solutions customized for different levels in the wealth management organization. This also makes reporting more pliant for data governance.
Data visualization tools flexibly adapt well to both web and mobile devices for relationship summaries and performance reporting. Standard (scheduled) reports for position details (assets classes and credit positions) can be developed more rapidly due to better understood data lineage from source systems. Ad hoc (custom) reports are made easier by using ‘drag and drop’ oriented features, over and above the ability of canned reports. This ensures that management is better equipped to respond to changing regulations with forward compatibility for standards and disclosure requirements, such as FATCA, CRS and GIPS. At the same time, asks from clients and investors for transparency in management are also addressed with adequate reporting performance analytics that rely on granular data.

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