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Digital Transformation Solutions for Credit Unions

Credit unions have traditionally provided the balance in the US lending markets by being better capitalized and offering more reasonable rates on loans and deposits to their members, yet bear more than their fair share of regulatory compliance burden. This is because their operational complexities are very different, made more so with their relatively small business size, not-for-profit model and conservative approach. Hence, most have taken the route of increased investment in technology to be more competitive. 

Our capabilities in this space focus on enabling credit unions to be more competitive by achieving greater operational efficiency through better business integration with banks, secondary mortgage markets and other entities and markets for liquidity, and at the same time enhance member touchpoints with innovative products and services hinged on their friendly image while leveraging disruptive technologies. We enable stronger control on regulatory requirements through better credit risk measurement and management, processes that adhere to fair lending practices, as well as business analytics services that provide a cohesive view of credit risk. Further, we help enrich member services through digital transformation and high levels of connectedness, which are key to retaining members. 


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