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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Banking & Finance

Helping customers embark on a transformative digitalization journey

The banking and financial services industry operates within the ‘new normal’ today. The sector is dominated by ever-tightening regulations, digital banking, and omnichannel customer experiences. Compressing costs, including high Run-the-Bank (RTB) costs, due to high FTE-based pricing models, is a top challenge for the industry. Succeeding in this environment requires industry players to strike a balance between operational optimization and the infusion of digital transformation. While technologies such as; Big Data, cloud, mobile, IoT and AI/ML are already transforming the way business is done, banks need to optimize data management further. Leveraging analytics will help the industry boost enterprise resilience, increase cross-selling opportunities, enhance customer value, and maximize their wallet share.

What we offer

Our rich experience in partnering with leading global banks and financial institutions enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the banking industry. Analytics and data management solutions aligned to our organizational strategy – AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING TM, TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM are delivered through a process-driven approach, helping banks successfully embark on their ‘data-to-digital’ journey to achieve the desired end-to-end transformation of their operations.

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