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Digital is a big part of your Customer Experience. Being digital is being everywhere your customer expects you to be and ensuring a seamless and positive customer journey. Digitization is your main competitive advantage to innovate and create lasting impressions on customers’ minds.

Accelerating Digital Impact

Hexaware’s digital strategy gives its clients an alternative approach than that of what the digital marketplace is demanding from its participants. At Hexaware, the goal is to help its clients change the way they interact with their end customers, employees and supply chain. This is achieved in four ways:

1. Harnessing the Power of Data to Derive Real-Time Actionable Insights:

  • Digitization brings in a world of new possibilities in data
  • We orchestrate all types of data including structured, unstructured and sensor data to take real time decisions
  • Hexaware has partnered with a platform company and has created a solution that ingests very large volumes of data and creates real-time statistical models for decision-making and operational efficiencies

2. Modernizing Applications and Infrastructure Landscape through creation of a ‘Composable Enterprise’:

  • Businesses need to change and modernize their application and infrastructure landscape to support newer technologies. Hexaware automates existing processes to reduce complexity and operating margins
  • Legacy systems have been a barrier to digitization. The Hexaware difference is that rather than modernizing BIG monolithic legacy application with another big application, we would be transforming the underlying application infrastructure to a cloud based composable enterprise model. The application would be divided into SaaS based components based on their functionalities

As competition gets stiffer and more intriguing, businesses are striving to differentiate from competition.

3. Driving Process Orchestration and Re-Engineering:

  • Process orchestration and re-engineering are critical factors that are to be considered for enterprises that needs to improve and standardize their global operations

4. Using Systems of Differentiation to engage better with Customers, Employees and Suppliers:

  • Systems of engagement would be rapidly built on top of systems of record. Hexaware has been partnering extensively with innovation communities to facilitate this
  • Hexaware has been transforming their customers’ business processes by building systems of engagement to consume data from systems of record, through Application Programming Interface (API) layer and integration layer
  • Systems of differentiation enhances efficiency and provides a more integrated, intelligent approach to digital transformation

Hexaware moves at the speed of change, poised to accommodate the needs of clients today and anticipates tomorrow's needs. The question is, does your IT provider?

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