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3 Key Insights to Improving Ambulance Revenue Cycle Performance

21 November, 2019

3 Key Insights to Improving Ambulance Revenue Cycle Performance

The world of EMS/Ambulance billing is highly cumbersome as most EMS transport companies continue to struggle with data management. Providers average a minimum of 30% of their cash outstanding being patient responsibility due to lack of insurance details available to the EMS provider. Data gathering and availability are key to achieve operational competencies and successful reimbursement ratios.

Data and reporting are lacking in a form that can provide leading indicators on performance of collections in both patient responsibility and insurance coverage. There are often gaps in reporting and a surging need for analytics that drive decision making. Additionally, medical necessities like BLS and ALS-1 continue to be tricky for billers and lack of signatures during emergencies can create a compliance nightmare.

Data is key to bring change and improve the financial health of EMS companies and drive strong financial operational performance.

Join our live webinar on November 21st at 11:00 am EST with EMS billing and revenue management stalwarts, Diane L. Vick, Founder & CEO of Diversified Ambulance Billing and John Fundingsland, VP and GM of Healthcare Financial Services at Hexaware Technologies to answer the below key points pertaining to ambulance billing:

  • How do we address the lack of integration between the Computer Aided Discharges and the pre-billing and billing to cash systems?
  • Can billing platforms generate the right metrics to accelerate the revenue stream for both EMS/Non-EMS transport companies? What data matters?
  • What are the major challenges around converting true self-pay to an eligible payer?

Join us in this insightful presentation!



John Fundingsland,
VP and General Manager - Healthcare Financial Services, Hexaware Technologies

John is a tenured and experienced executive who has led diverse operational teams in fast-paced environments to achieve extraordinary financial and operational results. He brings strong technical and business qualifications with a track record of more than 20 years of hands-on success running revenue cycle management organizations and is a leading advocate of technology driven solutions in healthcare financial operations.

Diane Vick,
Founder & CEO of Diversified Ambulance Billing

Ms. Vick has 30+ years of experience in the business of municipal, county and private ambulance billing, medical billing, financial services and collection services; she has also served as a lead project consultant for numerous municipal cities and counties and a number of large private sector organizations. Her areas of specialization include Revenue Recovery, Medical and Ambulance Reimbursement and billing procedures, Accounts Receivable Analysis, Financial services, Federal/State Regulations, CMS Fee Schedule implementation, HIPPA compliance Programs, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Audits and Analysis, Business Development, EMS & Medical Billing Data Collection Systems, and Acquisitions Analysis.

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