Disruption Through Digital Managed Services - Hexaware

Disruption Through Digital Managed Services

Hexaware Business Process Services (BPS) is in an enviable goldilocks situation; we are ‘just the right size partner’ for our clients. We are large enough to process millions of transactions and understand your domain. At the same time, we are small and nimble enough, that we are unafraid to cannibalize our own revenues. Our focus is on passing on strategic benefits directly to our clients and have enough skin in the game to deliver on our promises. And our goal is to use this fearless approach to disrupt the evolving digital marketplace and help you drive growth.

Hexaware’s Digital Managed Services (DMS) spans the entire managed services process, assumes the risk of implementing Robotic Process Automation, and provides strategic cost and risk benefits from day one. We identify the potential for automation, take over your operations, and implement bots where needed. At Hexaware, we also focus on building templates and expertise in a few select areas in the DMS model to drive enhanced efficiencies and results.

The following are the three pillars underpinning our Digital Managed Services:

  • Operate and continually learn to enhance intelligent automation
  • Deploy best in class platforms
  • Ensure strategic business benefits while assuming the risks involved in automation
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