Hexaware Edge

Hexaware Edge

No matter the Size, Hexaware is committed in providing Personal Attention to every Relationship. For us, it’s about just about more than performance. It’s more about being Transparent, Co-Innovating, predictability through Extreme Automation and striving to Shrink your IT. We have infused fresh thinking into future technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Digitization and provide solutions with the millennial mindset. Read about the distinctive traits that have helped Hexaware transform enterprises, through a newer, exciting human centered process based on Design Thinking in tandem with Intelligent Process Automation.

Delighting customers, in a different way

Co-Innovate & Make things Better: We challenge our team deployed in projects- to think deeply about each customer problem and ReArchitect for Innovation and Smart Digitalization, to make you stand out. Hexaware strongly encourages crowdsourcing to enable bottom-up Innovation for each customer by leveraging the capabilities of our Hexawarians, as we believe the best of ideas actually come from people working on the ground. Hexaware’s Innovation lab has built over 160+ Proprietary tools & Accelerators on advanced technologies.

Exclusively Focused on Each Relationship: With traditional service providers, you would be lost in haystack, with lack of executive attention and not enough thought in problem solving. Hexaware is focused on acquiring only a handful of new customers every quarter and building an organization with empowered Account Managers, increased accountability and improved decision making thus ensuring every client ‘Executive Attention’. This has resulted in our Customers staying with us for Life. The average tenure of top 20 of our customers has been 11+ years.

Our Aspiration makes us Indispensable

Shrink IT Grow Digital: Shrink IT concept is based on Hexaware’s decades of IT experience, Industry predictions and firm belief that our customers IT budget could be shrunk by 30% in the coming years. We have championed this approach by considering factors like- Proactive Problem Management, embracing Robotic Process Automation Solution and only using Hyperconverged Technology in the infrastructure space.

Willingness to cannibalize our Revenue for Automation: Traditional service providers actually find it hard to take up automation, as they would lose out in profit on T&M of resources. While automation would be catastrophic for them, we are willing to cannibalize our own revenue for mutual success and a lasting relationship.

We’ve exceeded our Delivery Promises

Anti-Pyramid Engagement Approach: The typical difference that you experience when working with Traditional IT players is that they extensively use fresh recruits for low-level manual tasks and too much rotation. But with Hexaware, our assigned Consultants stay with the same client account for at least four years, which strengthens and retains customer institutional knowledge

Design is our Way of Life

Build & Manage Hybrid environments: Hexaware powers our digital transformation further by blending traditional and cloud infrastructures. Leveraging Hybrid Cloud has helped us in enabling next-generation technologies like IOT, Virtual Reality for customers.

Digital DNA for Business Intelligence: With our roots deep enriched in Enterprise data management, Hexaware is committed in modernizing and transforming application environment and undertaking end–to–end digitalization journey for our customers. Our strong background in rich data sets has resulted in a robust foundation for Business Intelligence.

Design Thinking: Hexaware uses design thinking for creative problem-solving, rapid prototyping and solution development. For all our customer engagements, Hexaware follows this human centered process that helps in identifying unique challenges and goes about delivering the best possible experience.

There is ever increasing relevance of disruptive competitiveness of service providers like Hexaware today unlike traditional players as they can scale up and down aggressively based on client needs.

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