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Imbued in transformative culture of automation and to meet the ever-evolving global digital landscape, Hexaware has pillared its growth strategy on the three cornerstones of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING TM, TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM.

While Automation is catastrophic for traditional providers, as they would lose out in profit on T&M of resources, we are willing to cannibalize our own revenue for mutual success and a lasting relationship. Our Automateers (our engineers with a deep-rooted passion for automation) comprising mostly of full stack developers, help in identifying the opportunities for automation to our clients.

Growth Hacking - Automate Everything, Cloudify Everything And Transform Customer Experiences
Culture Of Innovation

Hexaware’s commitment to innovation is deeply engrained in our DNA and is at the heart of everything we do. We are in a constant culture of challenging the future, helping customers thrive on change, harnessing the power of technology to develop break through solutions. We have a formidable mix of 160+ proprietary tools and accelerators, spanning RPA, hyper-converged technology, design thinking and rapid prototyping. Hexaware taps into the collective intelligence of its talent through its Bottom Up Disruption initiative.

See how our automateers are challenging the world around us. Read more

Hexaware has brought together the world’s most powerful partner ecosystem to develop transformational solutions. To compete in today’s digital enterprise, we have established global alliances with leading industry players across the world. We have brought together the best system integrators, ISVs solution resellers, including key strategic partnerships like Salesforce, MuleSoft, Pegasystems, PeopleSoft, Automation Anywhere, Oracle, SAP. Our long-term partnership helps in driving closing working relationships, at reduced costs. Explore our strategic partners. Read more

Most Powerful Partner Ecosystem To Develop Transformational Solutions

Our training programs are thoughtfully designed to enable future leaders to drive innovation, unleash game changing ideas that would impact millions of lives and develop highly specialized skills that they need to succeed and thrive. Hexaware’s Training Program transforms resources to well-trained software professionals. The company’s commitment to employee learning has been a strong contributing factor to its success. Are you ready to set the stage for a truly empowering career growth? Read more

Hexaware has been in IT business since 1990 – we have close to 88 million-dollar clients and 221 active customers, under our belt. Our longevity is not just limited to our business, it is evident in the long tenure of our consultants and average engagement duration. Our assigned consultants stay with the same client account for at least four years, which strengthens and retains customer institutional knowledge. The average tenure of top 20 of our customers has been 11+ years. Read more

Hexaware'S Clients And Active Customers
Culture Of Inclusion

It’s our aspiring workforce, from 20 diverse nationalities, that plunges us forward each day, with infectious enthusiasm. The world’s brightest minds join us. We are a team of multicultural problem solvers. This diversity has helped us to collaborate, dream and deliver solutions on a truly global scale and meet the needs of our customers across the world. Do you observe patterns in client challenges? Working through mazes excite you? Can you persuade, interact and lead with empathy? Get out over your skis, be a part of something amazing and find your own rhythm here.

Hexaware is focused on acquiring only a handful of new customers every quarter and building an organization with empowered Account Managers, increased accountability and improved decision making thus ensuring every client ‘Executive Attention’. This has resulted in our customers staying with us for Life.

Hexaware's Focussed Growth
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