Hexaware Technologies - Core Values, Mission, Vision

We are guided by 5 core values that shape the culture and define the character of our company.

  • Cool: Despite being in the industry for over 30 years, we think like a startup when it comes to going that extra mile for customer delight. We are an energized team passionately working towards innovating future-ready and customer-centric solutions. Being flexible, we are open to adapt to changes and welcome fresh ideas from grassroot levels. We have tech-savvy and creative people, who respond fast, innovate better, in an environment made for learning and progressing. We carry a cool demeanor which reflects in everything from our brand identity to our actions.
  • Disruptive: In the evolving industry landscape, with digital disruptions becoming more critical to the transformation of the overall customer experience, our strategic decision to scale up our digital engagement is a vital driver of our growth philosophy. We are ardently moving forward on this transformation journey with high velocity. Where traditional players fear adopting automation due to the possibility of cannibalizing revenue, we boldly and fearlessly embrace automation and deliver constant positive results – and shall continue to do so. Our goal is to continually create innovative services and new competencies that can revolutionize the face of the IT industry. We are change makers with the insight to do what’s needed and what’s right on the path to digital disruption.
  • Highly Passionate: We have a deep-rooted passion for customer-centric innovation through automation and digital transformation. Our team is highly passionate and responsible about creating innovative solutions, on which they work ardently and deliver results. We are in a persistent culture of challenging the future, helping customers thrive on change, harnessing the power of technology to develop breakthrough solutions. We tap into our unique initiatives like Bottom Up Disruption to gain collective intelligence of Hexaware’s talent for accelerating customer success. We are committed to make Hexaware a great place to work leading to a passionate and engaged workforce.
  • Fearless Attitude: As an organization set to revolutionize the way IT works, we learn to embrace and overcome our fears as a collective. Where traditional players fear automation as they may lose out on profit, we are willing to cannibalize our own revenue for mutual success and a lasting relationship. We foster a culture of David vs. Goliath with a chip on the shoulder attitude – wherein we are not just going up against somebody our size but determining our chances to beat the Goliaths each time.
  • Anchored in the Past: Hexaware is a seasoned player, with rich and diverse experience. We’ve been around for over 30 years. We have worked passionately with our customers on delivering complex solutions like result-oriented consultation, strategic planning, multi-county rollouts, changing IT landscapes by embracing new technology, etc. Continuously pushing new boundaries, pursuing new ideas and technology breakthroughs are an essential part that define us. We grow with experience. Every success and setback are evaluated with the single-minded goal to better the future. On our transformation journey, we have an industry’s best leadership team on board combined with our experienced leaders from the past. Together, we have become a strong organization where the past teaches, and the present innovates for a path-breaking future.
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