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Enable Focus on Value Creation

The ultimate value of cloud use lies in being an enabler of business transformation towards a digital and highly agile enterprise. Creating a product mindset and providing the product teams with the backbone and architecture to drive end customer value is the target of business transformation and innovation with cloud.

Coming up with ideas using design thinking and leveraging the cloud characteristics to drive minimum viable products and flexible scaling is an example of the different ways enabled by cloud-based business innovation. We combine the power of technology (leading platforms, constant innovation) with cross-industry and industry-specific expertise in innovation and architecture.

We bring speed and scale to your innovation through our digital traction framework. This will enable you to drive new products into the market and address new markets altogether while reshaping your employee experience.

We help you innovate your business by using these elements of a Digital Enterprise –

Transform Your Business With Cloud Adoption

  • Design Thinking and Strategy

    Uncovering points of friction and looking for ways to transform those challenges into new sources of value

    • Defining customer needs and brainstorming on what challenges your brand can solve for its users
    • Creating technical and visual design, in addition to creative content

    Innovation  Strategy

  • Cloud Architecture

    • Understanding and applying cloud-native application architecture, e.g., API-driven, micro services, serverless
    • Integrating innovations, e.g., NLP, AR, ML, AI

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  • Technology Prototyping

    • MVP and prototyping as well as limited user group testing in collaboration with technology providers and coaching of customer organizations
    • Getting early buy in and feedback from consumers as well as compliance bodies
    • Collaborating Hexaware innovation center and customer innovation teams

    Product Engineering

  • Cloud Native Development

    • Driving development on behalf of our customers by supplying full feature teams or individual experts
    • Applying the principles of cloud architecture and driving innovations through partnerships with major cloud providers and a range of smaller specialized partners
    • Examples: the AWS event app, using Amazons Echo (Alexa) for business purposes

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  • DevOps, Security, Enterprise Architecture

    • Making use of an improved Software Development Lifecycle by applying DevOps principles. Training and coaching of your developers and adoption of a new process framework to deliver on the promises of Value, Speed and Scale
    • Applying market best practices and Hexaware accelerators to ensure security by design and through automation
    • Embedding your cloud approach into the business strategy by applying a top down approach and Enterprise Architecture principles
    • Enabling developers to explore and discover through training and playgrounds to experiment. These drive bottom up innovation ideas that will complement/enable business-driven innovation

    Devops Assessment Portal Modern Delivery Security

  • SaaS platforms

    • Focussing on business value creation and driving all supporting environment towards SaaS platforms. We help you make the decision and execute the change
    • Key areas include Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Oracle, and more

    Salesforce Workday Workday Support Services SAP Services Peoplesoft Services  Oracle E-business Suite Oracle Cloud Application Services

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