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Cloud Migration Services

  • Achieve Speed

    Accelerate cloud migration projects for enterprises by leveraging Hexaware’s IPs and accelerators that are integrated across the entire lifecycle.

  • Remove Technical Debt

    Remove technical debt such as code duplications, obsolete technologies, bad architectural choices, etc.

  • Execute Complex Migrations

    Execute complex migrations of applications and workload to cloud: Modernize, Re-factor, Re-write legacy applications to leverage cloud-native functionalities.

  • Adopt Automation

    Leverage build automation, provisioning automation and DevOps automation across the entire lifecycle of workload migration to the cloud.


The transition from a centralized data center to a virtualized IT environment is a gargantuan task. The major technological shift calls for expertise and a comprehensive solution which must allow seamless migration and realize full benefits of Cloud Computing. Hexaware CloudSwift is a one-stop-shop for the entire lifecycle of Cloud Migration and Cloud Enablement. It is an automated way of performing Assessment, Planning and Migration to Operations and Orchestration. CloudSwift not only accelerates your cloud migration journey but also provides intelligence on workload suitability for cloud, application transformation and automation.


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