Why Hexaware - Hexaware

As the fastest growing organization, Hexaware gives you great growth prospects, opportunity to work along with the brilliant minds and a diverse range of high profile clients, as well as an ideal work-life balance. Today, we have brought together the most talented leadership in the industry. You’ll find a positive, passionate and fun filled work culture!

We welcome you to be a part of our journey which is really the journey of powering man-machine collaboration, using a combination of human creativity & intellect, data and powerful algorithms.

What it means to be a Hexawarian:

1. Co-Creation: We’ve been using the transformative power of Crowdsourcing for Co-Creation. We harness the creativity and innovation of our employees through our ‘Brainbox’ initiative. The platform has helped in building individual credibility and helps in showcasing employee skills.

2. HexaVarsity: Hexaware is poised for exponential growth; a growth made possible by a skilled and always learning workforce nurtured by HexaVarsity (our corporate university). Some of our learning programs include Role based certification framework, that assesses the consultant’s fitment for a role, Agile readiness program to deliver agile concepts across the globe, external certifications and communications skills program.

3. Spread your Wings: In their journey with us, we help our employees build critical business skills and enhance future career skills. Our ASPIRE program is designed to empower employees to explore and streamline their career.

4. High Performers Club (HPC) program: Our team are energized by the mantra of high performance. In our High Performers Club (HPC), we handpick performers and reward them for their sterling effort.

5. Diverse Workforce: We have a high-paced innovative work culture of diverse nationalities: Our resources are sourced from over 20 nationalities.

6. Catapult: Building the most focussed, committed and passionate teams. Catapult, a forum of handpicked leaders who helm our employees to the next frontier of high performance and employee experience.

7. In-Charge: Our account teams have the freedom to make prompt on-the-ground decisions. This freedom of being in charge allows them to make an impact and expand their horizon.

8. Plethora of Opportunities: We help employees realize their professional aspirations through global opportunities, multi-faceted roles, and flexible opportunities to tune their career.

9. Giving Back: At Hexaware, we are bringing about a positive change in our society, with our simple acts of kindness and by empowering our employees. Hexaware is one of the most ethical and community oriented organization. Community servicing and volunteering in local communities has always been an integral part of our work culture.

At Hexaware, we help fortune 500 companies and larger enterprises in solving their toughest business challenges and enabling business transformation. We need smart, innovative people and creative thinkers, who perceive things differently and take the extra mile to delight the customer. The culture is infectious, learning is awesome and the work would be exhilarating! We are in need of more future leaders.

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