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Hexaware has adopted a simple philosophy of creating a ‘Happy environment’ for our employees. We truly believe in life beyond work and help our employees strike a healthy work life balance through flexible working hours, optional holiday benefits, and employee assistance programs. We have created an inspiring workspace, fostered on a culture of innovation and automation, driven by our passionate employees, all while placing our customers first.

Hexaware’s culture is reflected in the company’s success and long-tenured employees and customers. Our average employee tenure is 5 years. We are proud of our longstanding relationship with our top 10 clients (tenure is around 11 years, on an average). Average customer tenure is around 7 years.

Our culture of transparency & accountability percolates from the top. Our workforce is a fusion of varied culture, across the globe. This diversity has helped us to serve our global workforce. Hexaware is an equal opportunity employer. We treat our employees equally without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation and nationality.

We have created an estimable work place by recognizing our employees and honoring their commitments. Our managers continuously ingrain a culture of appreciation and nominate deserving employees for awards such as Spot/Ace/Star, Best Debutant and Best Team etc.

Some of our distinguishing cultural elements are:

COOL: Despite being a seasoned player with over 30 years in the industry, we foster a quick and nimble culture. Our employees take that extra mile to deliver the ultimate delight to our customers. Our energized and highly passionate employees respond faster, innovate better, and are open to adapt to changes and welcome fresh ideas.

DISRUPTIVE: We are the change makers with the insight to do what’s needed and what’s right on the path to digital disruption. In an evolving IT landscape, with digital disruptions critical to transformations, we have strategically scaled up our digital engagements, in line with our AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING TM, TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM, growth strategy.

PASSIONATE: We have a passion for customer-centric innovation through automation and digital transformation. Our highly passionate employees take that one degree more for our customers, the stretch in commitment and innovation that powers the transition from good to great. Our Customer Value Add (Bottom Up Disruption), a crowdsourcing initiative, is all about proactively solving customers challenges. Its about doing something new every day, for every customer.

FEARLESS ATTITUDE: Our employees are trained to embrace a culture of fearless cannibalization of our own revenues, to help our customers through progressive automation while guaranteeing target state savings, right from day one.

ANCHORED IN THE PAST: Hexaware has a deep-rooted legacy, rich and diverse experience, of over 30 years. We have worked passionately with our customers on delivering complex strategic assignments like consulting, strategic planning, multi-county rollouts, changing IT landscapes by embracing new technology, etc.


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Achieve Aspirational Role through Hexaware’s ASPIRE Program. This program provides you the platform to work on exciting projects and fast tracks your growth.

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Our training programs are thoughtfully designed to enable future leaders to drive innovation, unleash game changing ideas that would impact millions of lives and develop highly specialized skills that are needed to succeed and thrive.

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