Hexaware has adopted a simple philosophy of creating a “Happy Rewarding Environment” for our employees.

Hexaware fosters a Happy and Open culture where every individual is respected and cared for.

We truly believe in life beyond work and our diverse, global work force is empowered through flexible working hours, optional holiday benefits and employee assistance programs.


Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions. We got Mark Twain right.

We believe in celebrating life at work. Fun at Hexaware is a kaleidoscope of happy faces, birthday moments, fun filled fests like YUVA, weekend meet-ups, plank challenges, the gym worship, the shuttle rallies, the cricket face-offs, you name it, we just strike the right balance.

our life
our life
diversity (#WeDifferent)

Our #WeDifferent program embraces diversity and creates an environment of inclusiveness, engagement and acceptance.

The journey from 'I' to 'WE' starts with celebrating differences to grow Stronger Together. This intrinsic journey has contributed to the overall growth story by leaps and bounds.

our life

Different Strokes

We encourage employees to pursue their creative abilities in conjunction with their careers through our Different Strokes Program.

our life
our life
Our French Window

A peek into what matters to us

Superwomen of Hexaware

We inhabit a world that is characterized by diversity and often we give weight to a misplaced notion that our differences contribute to our weaknesses.

Women at Hexaware

Latinos at Hexaware

With delivery centers in Saltillo and Guadalajara in Mexico, Latin America has been a part of our culture for several years. We believe Diversity plays a huge role in our growth.

Latinos at Hexaware

Coders at Hexaware

Technology plays a vital role in the operations of businesses across the world. Coders at Hexaware learn and work with leading technologies that create wonders in day to day applications.

Coders at Hexaware

Fitness at Hexaware

Hexaware is a ‘Healthy Way of Life company’, where motivation never stops with professional growth. We encourage our employees to stay fit physically and mentally. Hexawarians take the extra step to have a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness at Hexaware

Building a Different Organisation

Imbued in the transformative culture of automation and to meet the ever-evolving global digital landscape, Hexaware has pillared its growth strategy on the three cornerstones of AUTOMATE EVERYTHING®, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING® and TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES®. A strategy is only good when executed well and successful execution can be done only when the strategy is rooted in the company’s culture.

We are building a unique organization by inculcating the culture of

  • Automation First

    Culture of Automation first; no fear of cannibalization

  • Focused Growth Aspirations

    Fierce integrity and laser sharp focus on acquiring only two to three customers per quarter, globally. Ensuring every existing client ‘Executive Attention’

  • Cross Skilling

    Focus on cross skilling to perform roles relevant to market needs

  • Anti Pyramid

    Automation of low skilled activities; slow rotation of senior consultants, non-FTE based scale

  • Bottom Up Innovation

    Culture of bottom-up, client centric innovation

  • Fostering a culture of David vs Goliath

    Fearless attitude of setting our own capability benchmarks and raising the bar every time, undeterred by the size of the competition

  • World's Happiest Customers

    Top industry score in loyalty, customer advocacy, satisfaction and value for money

  • Digital First "New Age Culture"

    Implementing a digital-first, new-age culture in our clients, automating processes through AI and BOTs

  • Rated Top 2 IT Outsourcing service provider two years in a row

    Ranked no. 1 among the top service providers in overall customer satisfaction in Whitelane’s IT Sourcing Study & highest level of satisfaction in the IT Services industry

  • Fastest organically growing company

    Organic Revenue growth of 12.9% CAGR from 2014-2017

  • Diversity

    A global, diverse workforce from 20 nations working together semlessly

  • Building Lasting Relationships

    Average tenure of our top 20 customers is 11+ years. Consultants stay with the same client account for at least four years preserving the client's institutional knowledge

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