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“At Hexaware, you own your game. We trust and empower you to challenge the status quo and innovate for a better future. You will experience continuous learning, open culture, and grow with inspiring and caring people.”

Grow beyond boundaries

The ability of Hexawarians to grow limitlessly has made Hexaware one of the fastest growing next-generation providers of IT, BPO and consulting services. Our multi-faceted learning and development process aims to enrich and empower individuals by strengthening their capabilities to respond to any sort of challenge. The focused learning programs and hackathons enable employees to compete healthily and grow together. With regular meritocracy based performance reviews, individual development plans, mentoring programs, necessary resources and frequent encouragement, we set the ball rolling for employee growth.

Grow beyond boundaries
More power to Hexawarians

More power to Hexawarians

To attain any milestone, success begins with empowering people. Thus, we give employees a certain degree of autonomy and control in their day-to-day activities by encouraging them to make decisions. We set clear expectations for employees to know the direction they can take to innovate and make the impossible possible. They have the space and the podium to continuously try newer things beneficial for clients and expand their own capabilities. We have various programs that employees can leverage to share ideas for customer value adds. Some of them have delivered customer benefits with ground breaking innovations.

Building Trust with Transparency

Our transparent culture sends a strong message to Hexawarians that they’re the trusted and valued members of the team. We thrive on transparency, diversity, inclusivity and seek the same from our employees. Our leadership welcomes employees with an open heart and works actively towards instilling the core values of the company in employees that focus on excellence, innovation and delivering value. Where most organizations face numerous challenges in uniting employees across continental and cultural barriers, we can say that we have been able to kill silos to a great extent by promoting collaboration in an open environment.

Building Trust with Transparency
Connecting with Honesty and Compassion

Connecting with Honesty and Compassion

Hexaware is strongly rooted in its longstanding values of treating everyone equally. While there is an increased focus on performance excellence, Hexaware believes empathy towards employees will only help both of us to understand each other better and appreciate the mutual effort. By stepping into our employees’ shoes, we strive to develop closer relationships. We know that the bottom line of any business can be only reached through and with its people, which is why we believe in paying heed to our employees and taking active steps to help them overcome their concerns. We listen more, and talk less – that helps us connect better.

We encourage learning every day, every minute

It is our key responsibility to help employees continuously learn new skills and give them the force to power ahead. With constant encouragement, we enable employees to get into the habit of developing skills, knowledge, and acquiring abilities that make them more proficient in their job. We set learning goals, assess progress, and engage employees by organizing competitions in which Hexawarians can participate to either win or learn! Knowing fully that Rome wasn’t built in a day, we keep encouraging employees to learn and give them all the required support to be successful in their endeavors.

We encourage learning every day, every minute

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