When to automate?

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May 27th, 2010
  • Business scenario that will run with each new version of your application
  • Business scenario that uses multiple data values for the same operation
  • Business scenario that create data for additional business scenario
  • Business scenario that require low end-user decision making
  • Complex or lengthy business scenario that are often run during business day.

Comments (3)

Suresh Kumar S - May 24th, 2011

Very nice but equally generic recommendations :) I think Automation is a really big decision . which ultimately boils down to Cost ! There is no point in Automating something which has no scope for any advantage in terms of Cost ! Only when you have a continous regression of the already existing and stable application do you need to Automate ! It would be lovely to have comprehensive statistics for the same !

Manas - October 28th, 2010

This is a very common question which comes to the mind of tester but we are missing a part of it.The complete question is 'When and What to Automate". Automation should start only after the Builds are stable. The benifit of automation will be reap if we can use the scripts during Regression Testing, as the cycle time for Testing comes down drastically compared to Manual Testing The aim while development of automation should be 'Resusebility'. The automation scritps should be able to accomodate the changes, hence the main aim should be in the 'Development of a very roboust Framework'. Next part is 'WHAT" to automate, we need to identified the important workflows, do not forget to include the basic workflow and exception handing. In an ideal case we will like to automate 100% but since we all live in a real world 100% is not possible. Do keep increasing the automation coverage during each testing cycle. Regards Manas

Sree Hari H S - October 19th, 2010

Hi, During the regression testing phase, automation is recommended. This will help in considerable reduction of time and effort. Regards Sree Hari H S

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