Web Analytics - Business Insights for an Organization

Posted by Sheba Fernando
June 10th, 2011

This is my first blog , started to sit on it at 5 am in the morning when I was finding difficult to catch up some sleep !  Let me start it up now (atleast) !  The context for this blog is to understand what kind of business insights can be driven out of web analytics.

Loads of information on the internet, the whole world seeks the web for every  information they need. To measure the performance of the marketing strategy, online conversions and revenue generation, every organizations seeks answers to questions on

  • How visitors are using my site ?
  • Is my content effective enough to attract visitors / customers ?
  • Where and why are visitors leaving my site ?
  • How do I improve my site navigation to retain visitors ?
  • How can I make marketing campaigns more effective and accountable ?

And yes organizations have started to strategically think and define initiatives to route better traffic to their websites.

Web Analytics is a powerful concept that can help organizations to create more effective websites and increase ROI on marketing campaigns. It helps

  • Increase conversions from visitors to customers.
  • Measure keywords and better ad performance.
  • Manage informed site design and content decisions.
  • Track metrics like revenue, average order value and ecommerce conversion rates.

There are many business insights that can be drawn out from Web Analytics to understand site visitors , traffic sources content effectiveness ,   goals and ecommerce. Let’s go about it one by one in my next coming blogs.

Thanks for reading. Please do let me know your thoughts.

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