Visibility Enablement for Express Mail/Cargo industry

Posted by Binoy Mathew
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February 14th, 2008

Value added services hold the key to differentiate one service provider from the other in the increasing competitive express mail/cargo market. Near real time visibility of shipments and proactive exception management are essential for improving the customer experience and operational efficiency.

However, there are significant challenges in providing these value added services – large number of players, huge volume of shipments, intermediate manual operations and lack of electronic data exchange. In addition, the current technology infrastructure has limitations with respect to providing new features like messaging, e-tracking, m-tracking, proactive alert generation as well as interfacing with multiple devices for recording shipments.

Since a large number of players and platforms/technologies are involved, messaging holds the key to providing seamless connectivity required for real-time visibility enablement. At each check-point, the various parties who have subscribed to the specific checkpoint, would receive messages indicating real-time status of the shipment. Messaging would connect different systems with minimal changes to existing applications and system interfaces. In addition, it will enable workforces to become increasingly mobile and facilitate rapid response to shipment related issues.

Comments (3)

venkat - March 24th, 2010

can anyone let me know how to apply drools rules for cargo applications.

Preeti - March 13th, 2009

Working with major US airlines cargo division, I totally agreed with it. We are working towards paperless and proactive messaging by collecting information from all systems in relational database and then using that database for all e-tracking , messaging, reporting. Current evolution of BI Tools is a great bliss.

Lakshmi N - February 21st, 2008

Message would be key for integration of information and would definetly play a key role in ITM (Integrated Trade Management) program that would integrate all the players in movement of goods

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