Updating Own information in Peoplesoft

Posted by Vijayakumar Janagiraman
May 27th, 2008

PeopleSoft does not allow changing or adding your own data in any component of PeopleSoft. It is an inbuilt security in PeopleSoft for the Users to prevent them from changing their own data. But there may be special cases in which user should be allowed to enter or change their own data. E.g. Entering their Time sheets in PeopleSoft. In such cases, PeopleSoft provides a function to overcome this inbuilt security. The function name is “AllowEmplidChg”. This function allows the user to update their own data in component. It is also used to remove the access to change their own data from the component.
I am trying to change my date of birth information by using my User Id. The PeopleSoft does not allow this scenario to occur and throws an error.

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