Tracking Workflow Email Notifications

Posted by Vijayakumar Janagiraman
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June 2nd, 2008

Does the email triggered from the Standard workflow can be traced any where? Can we see the email list, subject and content for the Email triggered in PeopleSoft workflow? The answer is Yes. PeopleSoft maintains a table and tracks all the email triggered as part of workflow in it. The table holds the information about Email list (To, Cc, Bcc), Email subject, Exact Email Content… in it. The table name is ‘PS_PT_WF_NOTFY_TBL’. If there is any email information of the delivered workflow need to be verified, the table can be verified for the required information.


Comments (6)

Hem - December 29th, 2009

great Vijay keep it up saw this Blog on net...

f@r - May 26th, 2009

Hello, in the NoteText, the client provide us the template. In the template there are some words that need to be underline. How can I do that?

CARDINAL - October 16th, 2008

did you set the query property to Role Query? PSQuery > File > Properties

Kiran - June 30th, 2008

To notify or send a mail to user (using the Activity in WorkFlow), i add a WorkList definition "Email". 1. On FieldMapping under Message Map for the field "TO" I select value as "Role Name" . Now my question is how can I assign the output of a query to this value. i.e if I need to send the mail to a user whose userid is the result of a PS Query, how do I achieve it. I created a new PS Query, but when I select "RoleUserid by Oprid Qry" I dont see my query in the list. Please let me know, how can I achieve it.

Andrew - June 14th, 2008

this table is used as part of the notification functionality, not standard workflow (as far as I am aware). can you confirm this? the application package PT_WF_NOTIFICATION:Notification has a method InsertNotificationRecord which inserts into the table. the only way we've traced e-mails from the triggerbusinessevent function is from the application server and they get logged into smtp.log.

Spamboy - June 2nd, 2008

I assume there is some setting to activate which enables this functionality, as this table is empty in our databases...?

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