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January 28th, 2008

Before reading this entry (always a friendly warning first!), please read about my two blog entries that I posted earlier. This entry is kind of closure to my previous topic “Jolt Session Pooling”. If you still have decided to read this one, you cant complain about not able to understand this one….

In our last blog entry, we talked about Jolt Session Pooling. As I stated earlier, Jolt Session Pooling is enabled by default in Tools Version 8.48 and later. Considering this new feature(!), there are some things that are changed due to this parameter single change starting with Tools 8.48 and later….

Also, we talked about the sevlets (like psc, psp etc) that are having ‘definitions” in the web.xml file (under DOMAIN/PORTAL/WEB-INF directory). So, back to our main point.. why JoltPooling needs to be disabled for all the servlet entries in the web.xml file to resolve the “download to excel” button to work… Probably you have guessed it already.

The key point here is, when Jolt Session Pooling is enabled, the session is shared across all the servlets. The existing sessions are shared across multiple servlets within weblogic server. This is supposed to be provide good performance results. There are no dedicated sessions. As of now, I know some of the effects of this change in 8.48 environment:

  1. “Download to Excel” button not working
  2. Tuxedo is unable to list the online users on the system
  3. “View Attachment” is not working

If you know anything else due to this “Jolt Session Pooling” enabled option causing in Peoplesoft, please write on the comment below for me to know and learn. My policy is to share the knowledge and feel free to learn. ­čÖé

To know more about Jolt and Weblogic, I would recommend you to read the BEA documentation about “Using BEA Jolt with BEA Weblogic Server” Guide. I am going to write some new things going forward… One of the m is about my favorite. Inter Process Communication in the Unix System and Peoplesoft. Check this blog later.. Until Next time – Vijay Chinnasamy PMP

Comments (5)

Subhransu Mishra - October 27th, 2010

In PSPRCSRQST table, two fields called RQSTDTTM and BEGINDTTM on which I ran a query for a process instance for an App Engine. I am trying to find out why is there a roughly 6 minute delay between these two times from the result of this query, BEGINDTTM is always about 6 minutes after the RQSTDTTM. Is there a setting that is responsible for this? Please see the output below. Thanks for your response in advance. Please excuse the formatting. SQL> select prcsinstance , prcstype , prcsname , rqstdttm , begindttm from psprcsrqst where prcsinstance = 16938 and prcstype = 'Application Engine'; PRCSINSTANCE PRCSTYPE PRCSNAME RQSTDTTM BEGINDTTM ------------ -------- -------- -------- --------- 16938 Application Engine ING_INT15TVL 27-OCT-10 AM 27-OCT-10 AM

Chance Craib - October 21st, 2010

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mymnHandCab - October 19th, 2010

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Kurra Tito - June 2nd, 2009

Hello, I've followed your 3 posts regarding jolt session pooling. They've helped me in indentifying the issue in one of my environments. The workaround of simply turning off jolt pooling works fine for a non-loadbalanced environment. But in case of a load balanced env(multiple web and app servers) this fix does not guarantee the elimination of "File not found or file received has length zero" error message. PeopleSoft has resolved this issue (even for load balanced environments) in PeopleTools 8.49.09 and later on. So, anyone running into issues where you cannot 'download attachments' or 'download to excel' have to upgrade to 8.49.09 or higher.

Shashank - March 21st, 2008

Joltpooling enabled may also result in XMLP reports not opening properly in tools 8.48. The problem is similar to "excel download" not working.

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