SiteScope UNIX Monitor Installation

Posted by Abdul Rahim
October 23rd, 2012

Below are the requirements to install and monitor UNIX using SiteScope.
•    Server Resource monitor license
•    LoadRunner 7.51 or above
•    SiteScope Lite installation

For LoadRunner 8.x , the SiteScope Lite installation file is available in the additional components CD under SiteScope -> sitescopelrsetup.exe

SiteScope Installation

Ensure you have LoadRunner 7.51 SP1 or above installed.  Ideally, you will want an extra machine for the SiteScope installation:
•    First machine as Controller
•    Second machine as SiteScope
•    Third machine as Load Generator
•    Fourth machine as Load Generator

In this situation, SiteScope will be gathering information from the Unix Servers and displaying them via a Web interface.  The Controller will then connect to the SiteScope installation and retrieve this data during the scenario run.

General Installation

Obtain the SiteScope Lite installation file and SiteScope Lite license.On the machine where you wish to install SiteScope, run the installation file as explained in the Requirements section.In the “Administrator E-mail Address” window, enter an E-mail if you want a designated person to receive Alerts, reports, and status messages. Otherwise, click <Next> to proceed to the next window.

Follow all the defaults settings to complete the SiteScope Lite installation.When the installation of SiteScope is completed, a browser will automatically come up with instructions on how to start SiteScope.  The way to bring up SiteScope is via a browser with the URL http://<machine-name>:8888/SiteScope.

SiteScope installs its own Web Server as an interface to the application.

License Installation for SiteScope

The first time you start SiteScope, you will get a “SiteScope First Time Setup” page. Click on “Skip this Page” to go to main SiteScope site. Once the Auto Configuration completes, you will be brought to the main SiteScope page.Click on the “Preferences” link from the main SiteScope panel. Enter the license in the “License Number” text box. Click the “Save Changes” button.

How to remove existing groups

On the SiteScope main page, you will see the following groups by default:
•    Network
•    Server

Delete both of these groups.

Click on the group name (e.g., Network, or Server).At the bottom of the page, click on “Delete this Group.” On the Confirmation page, click on the “Delete <GroupName>” button to confirm the deletion.

How to add a SiteScope UNIX monitor group

On the SiteScope main page, click on “Create Groups.” Enter a name for the group (e.g., LoadRunner Unix). Click on the “Add” button.

How to add a monitor to a group


Steps to add a CPU monitor:

1.    From the SiteScope main page, click on the group name to go to the group.
2.    Click on “Add a New Monitor to this Group”
3.    Click on “Add CPU Utilization Monitor”
4.    Click on “Choose a Server.” (This portion will add your Unix server to the machine list.)
5.    Click on “Setup Unix Remote”
6.    Click on “Add a Remote Machine”  Enter the following information:
•    Server Address
•    OS Type
•    Connection method: Choose “Telnet” as the connection method

SiteScope uses a telnet login to access the machine and run standard Unix commands to gather machine statistic information.  Due to this new process, you must ensure that you have a valid account that you can telnet into.  In addition, you must ensure that the account you are using allows all the SiteScope commands to be executed.  You can see a list of the commands SiteScope uses within the files in the C:\<SiteScope>\templates.os folder.

•    Login and Password
•    [Optional] Modify the waiting prompt on the Advanced Options

1.    Click on “Add Remote Server.”  An automated test process to make sure SiteScope can access the machine is performed.
2.    Click on “Back to Remote Machines”
3.    Click on “Return to Choose Servers”
4.    Choose the server created from the “Server” drop-down list
5.    Click on “Choose Server”
6.    Change the update time to 15 seconds
7.    Click on “Add Monitor”

You have now added a Unix CPU monitor to SiteScope.

How to add an additional monitor to a group


Steps to add a Memory monitor:

1.    Click on “Add a New Monitor to this Group”
2.    Click on “Add Memory Monitor”
3.    Choose the server that you added previously
4.    Change the update time to 15 seconds
5.    Click on “Add Monitor”

You have now added a Unix Memory monitor to SiteScope.

Setting up a SiteScope UNIX Monitor in the Controller

In the Controller, look for the SiteScope monitor in the System Resource Section. Display the graph by dragging it to the right.  Right-click in the graph and select “Add Measurement(s).”  You should now see the SiteScope Dialog box.Click on the first “Add” button.  For the machine name, type in the IP address or the machine name of the system on which SiteScope is installed.  Click <OK>.Click on the Second “Add” button.  You should now see a SiteScope Monitor Configuration window.  In the left pane, you should see a tree with the monitors you have added into the SiteScope application.  Simply highlight the available monitors and choose the counters in the right pane.  Click <OK> to get out of the menus.You have now set up the New UNIX SiteScope monitor.

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