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May 23rd, 2008

Business Scenario
Call center/helpdesk agents have customer interactions, in which they address customer issues, ask questions and resolve problems. The chances of the customer coming back become higher if the interaction has been satisfying. Thus, in order to serve the customer better, capturing the flow of interaction becomes vital. In such real time scenarios, Siebel Smartscript helps call center agents to define application workflow and capture customer interactions.

Siebel Smartscript and its usability
Siebel SmartScript guides agents through each customer interaction, suggesting solutions based on the customer’s profile, environment, current requirements, and buying patterns. Siebel Smartscipt GUI includes questions in the right pane and tree structure summarizing the questions and answers in the left pane. In order to build this UI developer needs to include the script, page(s), question(s) and answer(s).

The answers of Smartscript can be stored in a BC, few values can be updated, and some business logic or functionality can be extended based on these answers. For such customizations script can be written at question or script object level. Smartscript programs can be coded in VBScript or escript. Some additional syntax has been provided by Siebel only specific to Smartscript usage.

Why Siebel Smartscript?
It is user-friendly having a very intuitive GUI. Programmers having basic knowledge of coding can graphically create Smartscript. The scripts written for pages, questions and script objects can be re-used and can have multiple language translations. Using SmartScripts the customer interactions become more personalized and effective in nature.

Alternatives to Siebel Smartscript
Using customized applets and embedding scripts is an alternative to Siebel Smartscript. This alternative has demerits of increased development time and cost, weaker GUI and upgrade difficulties.

New features in Siebel Smartscipt 8.0
In Siebel 8.0, Smart script can be invoked using a hyperlink. Also in the newer version Business services and Siebel Assignment manager can be invoked from Siebel Smartscript. Siebel Smartscript 8.0 has an improved GUI too.

Inputs from Shardul Trivedi

Comments (4)

Ekta - April 19th, 2011

Is smart script functionality is benefical in siebel(sales) 8.1.1 version?

Sandeep BG - November 11th, 2010

Hi Shri Patil, Task UI and Smartscripts have there own use, please go through below link which give trade off between different Task UI technologies. Best Regards Sandeep BG India

Shri Patil - March 8th, 2010

Hi Siebel Gurus, Siebel 8.0 introduces Task UI which much more powerful and flexible to develop. What is your take on this? Thnx

Manjunath Reddy - June 11th, 2008

Hi Hexaware Techies, Myself is a Siebel Tech Consultant from London,Offcourse I am an Indian. Here are some inputs I want to drop about Smart scripts. 1.Smart script is one among the Business Process Automation tools from WorkFlow,Activity Templates,Assigment Mgr and so on. 2.One more advantage is that once configured and deployed the flow of the intereaction is completely controlled by script nor by the developer or Call centre Executive. 3.It got few useful events under script,Question objects to enhance functionlaity further. Thanks for Hexaware Techies for sharing Your Knowledge...

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