Siebel Business Solution Tool – Adding value for our customers.

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July 30th, 2008

As a Siebel Consulting firm, our sales team hunts for prospective clients. Once the client is acquired, cost estimation and resource allocation are vital processes before kick starting the project. After lots of hard work and hurdles (difficulties / issues) the development team comes up with the product.

Do the developers ponder on the modules they developed and its viability for client ? Do they go back and see how end users are using it? What value the Client is deriving, out of the application/product’s usage?

One day the above unanswered questions resurfaced on my head. By gathering some techno-functional expertise, I attempted to answer the above questions. I shared these views with my seniors, and eventually got the nod to work on Development of a Business Solution Tool. Some of the salient features of this Business solution tool are as follows:

  • Automated Siebel CRM Tool that captures the usage details of the application.
  • It keeps track of every user’s login details to the application and the number of views that are traversed by the user.

The above requirement was a challenge and I was looking forward to develop something which would give add-on value for our Clients.

Few of these challenges were:

  • Calculating cost effectiveness – capturing the time spent by the end user on a particular view of the application.
  • Keeping Track of time spent by each user in the application.
  • Statistics w.r.t the heavy and sparing use of the views in the application.

After overcoming the obstacles faced, the development of the Business Tool was done in 2 weeks time. After testing, re-tesing and ensuring the product was bug-free, the Tool was served on the platter of our client. Couple of features of the Tool was cited as below followed by the screenshot:

  • Keeps track of Login details of the users. “Login name” and “Application In-Out time.
  • Keeps track of Time spent by each user in a particular view. “View In-Out time”.

Siebel Business Solution Tool

This Tool will be helpful for the Client to find out the usage of application by their customers. Sometimes navigation becomes difficult to understand for the end users in Siebel. For e.g. The user is unable to some views due to the lack of knowledge of navigation. This tool fulfills that requirement too.

After the development of an Application, the most important benefit our Client derive out of this tool is as follows:

  • Calculate Cost Effectiveness of Siebel System with respect to Time and Efficiency.

Solutions / questions / comments are welcome.
— Inputs by Abhinav.

Comments (3)

Salugnon - March 1st, 2010

what can you say about being auto kicked out while handling a call on Siebel?

srini - April 1st, 2009

How to populate due field value for the all the outbound emails in the siebel application. Note: I have populate pre-default value (timestamp())in the "comm outbound email" bc, eventhough the value is not populating for all the outbound emails.

syed - July 31st, 2008

Hi Same as i got requirement could please provide me how u develop as in technical

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