SAP TAO and Panaya - Complementers and not competitors

Posted by Barani Raja Murugan
December 6th, 2011

Panaya is new Software as a Service solution that reduces the cost and risk of making changes to ERP systems. The tool was founded in 2005 by Yossi Cohen, an expert in the field of application management.

It is designed for business users, from CIOs to business analysts, Panaya automatically analyzes the impact of pending business process changes and informs all stakeholders on a need to know basis. Panaya can be used during implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

Utilizing a SaaS model, Panaya can be deployed within a few hours to instantaneously lessen the risk of business disruption and reduce ERP maintenance costs.

What Panaya provides?

  • Effective Test Management
  • Shows you what will break
  • Tells you exactly what to test
  • Automatic code corrections
  • No more test maintenance: test scripts always stay up-to-date
  • Creates test scripts for you, as you go
  • Tests can be run manually or automatically
  • Test results are documented for you

What can be achieved by using Panaya?

  • Cut 70% of your SAP upgrade cost and Effort.
  • Cut 50% of your planning and development costs.
  • Enable companies that use SAP to save up to 50% of their application lifecycle costs.
  • Minimize the risks associated with system changes.
  • Utilizing cloud-based simulation to analyze the impact of pending changes, Panaya automatically pinpoints which custom programs will break as a result of an upgrade or support package implementation.
  • No Installation required.
  • Reduce risk of post go-live downtime.

How it complements SAP TAO?

  • The main pre-requisite for automation using SAP TAO is availability of manual test cases in a standard format. Panaya provides manual test cases as you go saving lots of time and effort.
  • SAP TAO has high reusability and ease maintenance – minimal effort is required during maintenance phase – Panaya can really help TAO when SAP Upgrade happens.

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