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November 24th, 2007

SAP Business Process Outsourcing’ might sound new to many but it is one of the popular service in SAP’s solutions profile. SAP is not a BPO company but SAP solution empowers the companies that provide BPO services. SAP Business Suite, the world’s most comprehensive family of adaptive business applications built on three decades of experience and best practices, is already the choice of many BPO providers and their customers.

Customers benefit from solutions aligned with BPO, such as SAP ERP HCM and SAP SRM, that support human capital management, procurement, and finance and administration. SAP also covers industry-specific processes in the public sector, utilities, and financial services industries using its SAP Business Suite ( SAP Enterprise Resource Planning, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Product Life Cycle Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP Supplier Relationship Management..) These solution built on SAP Netweaver platform which represents as a integration and application platform. It supports SAP solutions evolution to service oriented architecture.

Netweaver the right platform for BPO solution

SAP with its clear road map of upgrade and evolution of technology protects the investment by enabling BPO providers to continuously leverage technological advances for business processes without disruption. As a BPO solution SAP also provides right business-process foundation powered by the SAP Netweaver. It makes it easier to move non-core business processes outside the enterprise while retaining full control of information and workflow in a seamless, tightly integrated fashion. SAP applications are deployed in a cost-effective and standards-compliant way which is critical when you provide service for many client from different places geographically and different nature.

SAP supports BPO providers in setting up services that generate sustainable business benefits by reducing costs, lowering risks, and improving process quality. Using delivery platforms based on SAP solutions.

According to the Everest Research Institute, SAP is the software provider that owns the largest market share (based on contract value) in multiprocess human resources, procurement, and finance and accounting outsourcing.

Hexaware is uniquely positioned to be a strong SAP enabled BPO service provider because of its strong presence in SAP space and BPO space. Because of Hexaware’s domain strength in HRIT and deep knowledge in HR process standardization we lead the pack in providing SAP enabled HRO services.

SAP ERP HCM – Solution functionalities

Talent management

  • Support and integrate all talent management processes to attract, hire, and quickly secure qualified candidates
  • Educate and develop employees
  • Identify and nurture future leaders
  • Motivate and align the workforce with corporate objectives to improve organizational performance

HCM service delivery

  • Automate and standardize the provision of HR processes and services through a centralized delivery channel or shared-services organization
  • Achieve high-quality HR services at low cost
  • Perform analytics to measure the performance and effectiveness of HR teams

Workforce analytics

  • Gain reporting and analysis options that offer real-time insight into workforce-related data
  • >Manage the workforce more effectively
  • Predict human-capital investment demands
  • Accurately track workforce costs

Workforce process management

  • Automate and integrate all core workforce processes for employee administration, organizational management, global employee management, time management, benefits management, payroll, and legal reporting
  • Ensure adherence to local regulations and laws
  • Global integration
  • Consolidate all workforce-related processes and data onto a single global platform
  • Leverage country-specific legal compliance guidelines and best practices
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Ensure better insight into workforce deployment.

Leading human resources outsourcing (HRO) providers deliver services based on the SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution and the SAP NetWeaver platform:

Global Providers

  • Accenture
  • ACS
  • Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
  • Convergys Employee Care
  • EDS/Excellerate HRO
  • IBM

Regional Providers

  • LogicaCMG
  • T-Systems

Regional Providers – with Country Focus

  • BASF IT Services


  • Bayer Business Services
  • CDP, Greater


  • HBS Business Services Group Ltd.

United Kingdom

  • Human Resource Management Service & Consulting Co., Ltd., Japan

Mouchel Parkman

United Kingdom

  • Payoffice

Australia and New Zealand

  • SDWorx for Public Sector


  • TATA Consultancy Services, India

Propelled by Hexaware’s SAP / BPO / HRIT teams energy and enthusiasm. We are determined to capture the significant role SAP HRO arena

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