Posted by Inigo Angelus
April 9th, 2009

SAP Ecosystem is an example for how SAP position itself as complete solution provider. Not very long ago SAP wanted to be everything for everyone. SAP wanted to put forth a solution which would solve all the problems. To say, ‘SAP achieved this objective 100%’ is not a fair statement. Now, SAP comes up with the approach ‘We can do this together’. SAP wants to make use of the knowledge and skill available out side of the SAP world. SAP wants to provide collaborative solution. The company absolutely realizes that it can not possibly meets all the customer demands by being the lone warrior. Now SAP is building an army to take care of its objective.

SAP Ecosystem is a novel approach for SAP, customers, partners and individuals to come together with single objective to innovate collaborative solution for market need. Customers find qualified expertise, insights, answers, and connections that are right for their business. Working within the SAP Ecosystem is fast and effective – whether engaging a new partner or co-innovating using complementary technology, customers can access broader knowledge quickly to make more informed decisions.

SAP created a portal to give a face to the Ecosystem, It is called SAP EcoHub. EcoHub fosters an ideal environment for ongoing innovation and value creation, It represents the unique convergence of easy access to knowledge about SAP partner offerings as well as rich community powered context. It provides the intelligence that the customers find value in their investment decisions. SAP EcoHub is the community powered online portal created by SAP which provides information on various partner solutions. This is a trusted source from SAP to provide information to customers who are looking to easily discover and evaluate SAP partner solutions relevant to their industry and their own unique IT environment. SAP EcoHub offers the opportunity for the customers to learn about SAP certified solutions and leverage the wisdom of the communities – peers, partners, business process experts and consultants – to procure the solution that best fits their requirements.

Eventually, all groups of SAP Ecosystem will be represented in SAP EcoHub – relevant, trusted solution partners, services partners, technology partners, hosting partners, and content partner services and offerings will all have a place on SAP EcoHub. Currently solution partners are the only one showcasing their products. There are about 230 solutions have been showcased. For example, there are about 14 HR specific solutions 36 Aerospace and defense solutions listed in EcoHub. EcoHub also works as a marketplace, you can discover, evaluate and buy any of the trusted products from the portal. If you want to earn your name as SAP company you need to have presence in EcoHub.

As a guest you can access most of the features You can use your SDN id to login to this portal also to get full access. While you are there you can watch videos from people like Narayana Murthy Infosys and Anand Mahindra among others talking about EcoHub and the significance of it.

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