Raising SaaS OnBoarding Solution and Dominant PeopleSoft HR

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
January 20th, 2010

2010 seems to mark a new begining in both the IT Services and F1 Racing. Cool,.. we are awaiting the growth in SaaS, SOA,… and some great adrenaline rush as Schumacher returns.. For People who still believe that PeopleSoft is leading the HR Services market, Lets remind them of the advent of Kronos Workforce (Application Service Provider), KMS XpressHR (Software as a Service – SaaS Solution), Open Text Recruiting Management Solution for Microsoft Sharepoint 10.0 driven by the Enterprise Content Management Solution like Livelink and Document Center respectively. The Clientele are really happy to spend for what they use unlike the age old model of fixed pricing.

Let’s see how KMS OnBoarding XpressHR SaaS Solution attracts the clientele with their functions when compared to Peoplesoft,

  • In PeopleSoft, the SSN entered while adding a new person to the system is not validated or verified with the Department of Homeland Security or Social Security Administration(SSA). This had enabled Clientele to incorporate the XpressHR product for onboarding which constitutes the e-Verify Functionality.
  • In PeopleSoft, the unavailability of the features like e-Signature & Digital content management in HR had enabled XpressHR to provide 100% Compliance with the State & Federal data related to the pre-hire process within an organization.
  • SaaS based Onboarding Process & Document Center Model would enable clientele to leverage the increased ROI.
  • Implementation effort seems to be less with the use of web services.

It’s these few aspects which drive the present day software investments, As posted in Service Oriented Computing Platform for Shared Services Model , the service providers whose verticle solutions(XpressHR) which are built on horizontal solutions (ECM) are undoubtedly growing 🙂

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