Race to Victory

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
August 9th, 2007

In the world of Formula One Racing, ‘Pit Stop’ is a common term. During the race day and pit stops, One could see almost all the components of the car being maintained/changed by the crew . Ranging from the nuts and bolts to the engine, everything is under quick and fast maintenance. Similarily, in the corporate world – each and every company acts as a race car and to improve their performance and to grow quicker: they are in need of such Pit Stop Crew. In the real-time, it would contain a variety of software products that supports their Company Resources which consists their Human Resources, Material Resources, Financial Resources, etc.. To be specific products like Peoplesoft, SAP, Kronos, OrgPlus, SumTotal, Docent, Optim, and IDE’s like Application Designer, Docent Outliner, Business Intelligence Development Studio, JBuilder, NetBeans are widely used. Lets see what makes the companies to choose a product and how it plays a unique role in enhancing the overall companies performance. We will also come across the differences and unique features of the products that urges the companies to use it. Pit Stop will cover the product specific comparisons, Technology specific advantages, and finally the service oriented architecture.

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