Peopletools 8.50.01 was released last week...

Posted by Vijayakumar Chinnasamy
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September 21st, 2009

As per the published schedule, Oracle released the new version of Peopletools (Version 8.50.01) last week (Friday, September 18, 2009). We already talked about the Release Value Propositions and Pre release notes in our earlier blogs. Now, the product is officially released, that means the release notes are available and we can discuss more about the new Peopletools version.

This is an important step in the Peoplesoft product history because this is a major and improved Peopletools release after Oracle acquired Peoplesoft few years ago. Peopletools provides an abstraction layer for running Peoplesoft Enterprise Applications (such as financials, hrms, crm etc) on many OS platforms. Any Peoplesoft Application can run on a Platform if Peopletools supports that OS platform and database platform. This is one of the main reason why a new Peopletools Release is important for Peoplesoft customers.

As we discussed earlier, there are major improvements with the user interface. There are lot of new improvements from user interface side using AJAX and other technologies.

On the infrastructure side, I found these important changes….

  • On the web servers front, both weblogic and websphere are supported. Support for OAS web server is removed in Peopletools 8.50.01.
  • Jolt Session Pooling can be setup at a single configuration file
  • Decoupled PS_HOME with PS_CFG_HOME is another important feature introduced.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager is supported with Peopletools 8.50
  • parellel file deployments using Change assistant and Process Scheduler
  • oracle Database data vault support certified
  • Parellel and Serial cache loading options etc…

Also, Peopletools will become more SOA based. Already Peopletools Web Services is a standard integration platform for Peoplesoft applications, there are a lot of new improvements in the Peopletools 8.50.01 release.

Now that this new Peopletools is released, we need to talk about it more. I am not sure when the current 8.49 tools becomes End of Life. However it may be sooner. With the tools upgrade, there are new features available for the customers with relate to user experience. Please visit the following Oracle Web page for understanding the Tools Upgrade benefits, along with upgrading your Peoplesoft application to 9.1.

I strongly recommend you to read the release notes for Peopletools 8.50 product and make yourself informed about the important changes and improvements in Peopletools 8.50. We will talk more about Peopletools 8.50.01 release and the subsequent releases. I am sure there are a lot of new things we all need to learn in this new product. I am planning to perform a POC install and testing for this new release. We will discuss more in the coming days… Until then.

Vijay Chinnasamy

Comments (8)

Sankar reddey - November 1st, 2010

Hi, i installed peopletools patch PT8.50.12 on FSCM 9.1 ,but the installation completed with some errors. User Interactions ----------------- Summary ------- Installation: Unsuccessful. 1 Successes 0 Warnings 0 NonFatalErrors 1 FatalErrors Action Notes: None Install Log Detail: Status: FATAL ERROR Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR - Insufficient space Install Action: null Status: SUCCESSFUL how can i know its success or not and where i can see the version of application server and webserver version . please give me proper useful information.

Peoplesoft Toolbox - July 8th, 2010

Its pretty interesting to know facts! Peopletools 8.50.01 is the latest itseems.

Sudha - June 28th, 2010

Hi, When i click on a hyperlink, it should take me to a page which has all fields as mandatory ones(Made all the fields as required in the record field properties). Once the page gets loaded, i directly tried to click on the save button without entering anything on the fields. I am able to save the page without any error. The validation occurs only when i place the cursor in any one of the fields and then tab out. I need the validation to occur even if i directly click on save after the page load. pls help.

Sudha Haridoss - June 28th, 2010

Hi Vijay, Where can i find online an demo of PeopleTools 8.50 and its features?

Vijayakumar Chinnasamy - October 12th, 2009

Here is the process for applying the patch. For your HCM 9.1 installation, it comes with the 8.50 Peopletools. So, You need to apply the patch 8.50.02 (I saw that 8.50.02 is already released and it is a cumulative patch, which means, when you apply 8.50.02, then 8.50.01 is already included with 8.50.02). Check the Peoplesoft Patches and Downloads Search Page for the latest Peopletools Patch Version. Regards Vijay Chinnasamy

The Seer - October 11th, 2009

HCM 9.1 is available from the site and the media pack includes PeopleTools 8.50. As of October 8, 2009 Oracle released 8.50.02, it is available for download at Oracle has already released PeopleTools patch 8.50.02 to correct issues not addressed in the initial release. You can download it at.....

Vijayakumar Chinnasamy - October 6th, 2009

Hi Vinay, There is no software release called 8.50. However, the first release in the 8.50 product is 8.50.01. So, when you install 8.50, it is then obviously a Tools Version 8.50.01. Regards Vijay Chinnasamy

Vinay - October 4th, 2009

Hello Vijay, Thanks for posting these very useful information regarding new tools release. I have a question whether 8.50 is equal to 8.50.01 because when I was going through HCM9.1 installation document it says I should be on 8.50.01 tools so just wanted to check whether I need to apply any patch or PS release with 8.50.01. Thanks again, Vinay

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