Peopletools 8.50 Prerelease notes & Support for Linux OS Platforms

Posted by Vijayakumar Chinnasamy
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August 25th, 2009

I worked with multiple Unix flavors in the last 10 years. Initially, I worked with a HP UNIX Operating system, in the college, this was my first UNIX Operating system that I had access to, it was during the middle of 1996. One of my college professor though Unix in our college along with C programming. That was my first introduction to the Unix Operating System. Since then, I just love working with the Unix OS’s.

When I started writing this, I started to think about recent developments in the Unix market. We have major players in the Market with their flavor of Unix. When Oracle bought Sun Microsystems earlier this year, I am sure Sun Solaris is going to be more famous now. Oracle did not own any other operating system earlier, now it owns Sun Solaris which runs on the powerful sun SPARC hardware systems. I think it is possible now for Oracle corporation to bundle Peoplesoft to include all the enterprise components, such as hardware, operating system, database and the peoplesoft apps.

Lets talk about Linux now. Going forward, Linux will become more important in the Operating Systems segment. Already, Linux has a presence in many enterprises running critical applications that I know of. Based on these developments in mind, starting of this year 2009, I got certified in Linux with the LPIC1 certification after learning a lot of new linux related technologies. I want to build a basic understanding of the General Linux Systems before I get to know more about other enterprise linux operating systems (such as Redhat or SuSe). LPI Certifications are focussed on the General Linux Concepts and I happy that I now got the LPIC1 linux certification. I am planning for the Redhat Linux Certification (RHCE) sooner. Probably I may try for RHCE later this year.

As per the Peopletools 8.50 Prerelease notes, Latest Linux Operating System Platforms are added for support. Some older enterprise Linux Operating System Platforms are removed from the Certification Matrix for Peopletools.

Here are the features listed in the Peopletools 8.50 Prerelease notes:
– Two major hardware platforms are supported with Linux (x86 _64 bit and IBM z-series hardwares)
– All Linux support are provided for 64-bit Linux Operating Systems only. 32-bit linux is not support with Peopletools.
– Three enterprise Linux Operating Systems are supported with Peopletools:

Redhat Enterprise Linux RHEL 5.1 (with both z-series and x86_64 hardware)
Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.1 (only with x86_64 hardware)
SuSe Linux Enterprise Server (with z-series hardware only)

So, moral of the story is, oracle is supporting Linux for its Peoplesoft Enterprise applications in Peopletools 8.50. I am sure that Oracle will support Linux in its future offerings as well. Already some of the enterprises moved some of their applications into Linux Operating Systems. Linux, being a stable operating environment, just like the parent UNIX operating system, will gain more market share in the coming years.

We will talk more about the Peopletools 8.50 release in the coming weeks. Until then.

Vijay Chinnasamy

Comments (2)

MM - August 29th, 2009

I want CST to be displayed even in Process Monitor

MM - August 29th, 2009

Hello Guru I have an issue like this.Database,AppServer,Webserver and Batch Server all are in CST.DB was brought from EST and refreshed here.So never noticed that Base Time Zone is EST in PeopleTools->Utilities->PeopleTools Options.So far all Reports in Process Scheduler show EDT.I changed the Base Time Zone to CST.Bounced Web,App,PSNT,PSUX and cleared cache.Still the time which shows in Process MOnitor page is EST and process when run show EST.However if i open report since it ran against the DB it shows CST,But in process Monitor Page whenever scheduled it is EDT. Please help Thanks MM

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