Peopletools 8.50 Prerelease Notes - Decoupled PS_HOME with PS_CFG_HOME

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August 20th, 2009

Oracle provided Prerelease notes for the Peoplesoft Enterprise Peopletools 8.50 during middle of June 2009. As per Oracle, Peopletools 8.50.01 is expected to be released during middle of September 2009. You can view the Prerelease Notes at this link: Enterprise PeopleTools 850 Prerelease Notes.pdf (Please note that you need a Metalink3 support login and password for viewing this PDF).

I reviewed the important prerelease notes related to Server Administration and Infrastructure (as a Peoplesoft Infrastructure person…). As you may be aware, I discussed the Release Value Propositions in my earlier post, Peopletools is going to be 64-bit this time along with the release of the new Peopletools 8.50.01 version. One of the other important and interesting change is “Decoupling PS_HOME Binary and Configuration Files with another variable PS_CFG_HOME”. I want to discuss more about this here.

There is a new variable being introduced to decouple the PS_HOME with the configuration files. In the current Peopletools Version (I think it is 8.49.22 when I wrote this…), PS_HOME is referred to as the directory which holds both Peopletools binaries as well as the configuration files, log files and other files required. Looks like this is going to change with the release of Peopletools 8.50. However, for backward compatibility, it looks like you can still follow the earlier convention.

With the new release, the software binaries will be installed under PS_HOME. By default, it is expected to be READ ONLY. I like this change. This feature allows deploying ONE PS_HOME software binaries and creating as many app servers, process schedulers you want by reusing the same PS_HOME. This will be similar to deploying a software repository once and reusing it from the same repository location for the instance creation…

The PS_CFG_HOME variable

will reference the location for the dynamic files. The app server domain will be created under $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/DOMAIN directory in UNIX. I am sure that a PS Admin should be aware of change when they start using Peopletools 8.50.

As per Oracle, this new feature provides variety of benefits. Some of the benefits mentioned in the Prerelease notes:

  • Reduction of disk space usage (by reusing the same PS_HOME)
  • Restriction of binary files by keeping it READ only
  • Reduction of deployment time and Streamlining upgrades and such…

The last note from the Prerelease notes is interesting. It looks like it is possible to couple both PS_HOME and PS_CFG_HOME just like you installed Peopletools in your previous versions (such as in 8.49). However I will prefer to decouple both PS_HOME and PS_CFG_HOME due to the benefits it offers.

Also, what will be the impacts to our existing scripts that we wrote for automation? What changes are necessary for them to work in Peopletools 8.50?

We will talk more about the Peopletools 8.50 Prerelease notes, the impacts and changes in coming weeks. Until then.

Vijay Chinnasamy

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D - April 14th, 2011

If my DEMO/DEV use the same PS_HOME and if I patch DEMO, that will affect DEV env too. How do you take care of patching in such kind of any environment.

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