Peoplesoft Time and Labor Vs Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Part II

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November 22nd, 2007

Peoplesoft Time and Labor Vs Kronos Workforce TimeKeeper
Kronos Workforce Timekeeper
The process of making historical edits using Timekeeper 5.0 is much the same as it was in Timekeeper 3.4.
Add Historical Amount (formerly “New Historical Amount” in TK v3.4)
Required fields (note these in the screenshot below):

  • Historical Date (formerly “Apply to Date” in TK v3.4)
  • Pay Code
  • Amount (hh:mm)
  • Include in Totals for Effective Date (formerly “Add to selected timeframe” in TK v3.4) Selecting this option ensures the information is sent to payroll for processing and payment.
  • Impact Accruals


Peoplesoft Time and Labor: Adjustments to Payable Time
We may need to make an adjustment to payable time that has already been paid by Payroll. This type of adjustment is called a Record Only Adjustment and is made using the Adjust Paid Time page. When you make an adjustment of this type, it is for record keeping purposes only. The time you add / adjust is not processed by Time and Labor nor is the time sent to payroll.

Using the Adjust Paid Time page, one can add / delete time, or change existing payable time that has already been processed by the payroll system and has a payable status of Distributed. All the time reporting fields appear on the Adjust Paid Time page for editing. You can change any field except the Payable Status, and TRC Type fields. After you make adjustments using this page, the system does not process the time further. It does not run it through Time Administration or send the time to payroll. Time and Labor does publish the payable time to your Project Costing application.
For further details please refer the People soft People books.

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