PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Succession Planning

Posted by Pon ArunKumar Ramalingam
February 18th, 2010

How important is it to an organization?
The recession storm seems to have settled down and IT companies are in a hiring spree, much to the trend seen in the Formula one racing, its Schumi’s re-entry and some good show by Force India team and Adrian. It all seems to be drilling down to the race line.. eagerly awaiting to jump on the gas pedals in this 2010 season.

Yes, the software industry too – is looking forward for a jump start and many IT organizations are preparing themselves for the race, the race which will win them new clients in new areas and the world economy seems to get back in its ‘once’ fruitful track.

As many of you are aware, Oracle has come up with the PeopleSoft 9.1 Version with some cool features, Lets see why one of the new features of peoplesoft 9.1 seems to be interesting as it justifies the HR operations with its functionality. One of the reasons for Indian IT organizations to spend a lot of effort and cost in hiring new employees and especially high profile positions within an organization seems to be the lack of succession planning and career planning.

Succession planning enables an employer to organize its talent pools based on the employees person profile, job code, position and a plan that is unique to it. Initial and continous mapping of employees competency, performance and interests with the employer’s goals (position, jobcodes) makes it easier for the organization to plan and sustain its growth in the event of its new project wins. As stated in

Learning Management System drives a companies growth

Peoplesoft 9.1 brings in easier integration options with the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) module thereby providing consistent career paths for the employees to pursue inorder to accomplish the succession planning. Both the HR Administrators and Managers are well equipped with the Visualization (user friendly reports) and Self Service  layer in accomplishing the tasks.

Features like tracking an employee’s successor in terms of number of years makes the job even easier for the HR to identify / probably mine through the talent pool of the organization.

Let’s see how IT organizations are quick in implementing the Succession planning feature of PeopleSoft 9.1 and Let’s assure them that its a vital part for a growing organization.. 🙂

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