Peoplesoft Connectors for Oracle Identity Manager - Part I

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August 12th, 2010


Couple of weeks ago, I attended an Oracle Webcast titled “Introducing Oracle Identity Management 11g”. That webcast was about introducing the remaining components of Oracle Identity Management Product Suite which is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (we can call it as a second set of product release!).

During the first phase release of Oracle Fusion Middleware Components, Oracle released the few components such as Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) etc. Along with couple of other components, following are the major software releases (as part of second release) of the new Oracle Identity Management 11g Product Suite:

  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Identity Analytics
  • … and few others …

In Identity Management, Oracle Identity Management 11g product suite provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) functions along with compliance/security related solutions. In Oracle Identity Management 11g, as usual, more features are added such as security development platform, integration with Fusion Middleware.

In this blog series, I am going to talk more about the Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) Product. Let us first understand about the Oracle Identity Manager Product and its features, and then we will talk more about various options available for integrating Peoplesoft Systems with Oracle Identity Manager Product. I used my personal experience with the product and referred the Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 1 documentation for these. These are various guides available as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Documentation. If you need in-depth knowledge about this product, you need to refer these manuals. Let’s understand OIM product first.

About Oracle Identity Manager

One of the Major and important Oracle Identity Management Component is Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). Earlier this product was called Xellerate Provisioning (by a company called Thor technologies). OIM product provides a central repository to store user and group information for any organization. One of the important features of OIM is it can integrate with various target systems available (such as Peoplesoft HRMS, SAP, Active Directory, Siebel etc). Also, various other Oracle products such as JD Edwards, EBS and Oracle Retail  have connectors as well.

I like the OIM Connectors Page at the Oracle Website. You should visit once. There are connectors for most commonly used products in the market (such as Sun Java Directory, Novell eDirectory, SAP products, Databases, Siebel etc). In this post, I want to explore the Peoplesoft Connectors and how can we deploy these connectors in an enterprise implementing OIM. I am going to provide a conceptual understanding only, for more details on the Connectors; you should refer the connector documentation (Search for “oracle identity manager connector documentation” to visit the Connector Documentation page). Also, other products (that has no connectors) can be integrated with OIM using Generic Technology Connectors (GTC) which is delivered as part of OIM product. We will talk more about GTC in later posts.

Integrating Peoplesoft HRMS system with OIM

Peoplesoft HRM (or HRMS) Systems are ERP systems deployed in many enterprises across the world. Hexaware supports many such Peoplesoft HRMS systems implementation and support across the globe. There are two Peoplesoft connectors available for OIM product.  They are:

  • PSFT Employee Reconciliation Connector
  • PSFT User Management Connector

These two connectors are used for different purposes in a Peoplesoft based environment. Let’s explore the use of these connectors using an Architecture diagram. I created the following diagram to show the integration and the use of PSFT connectors.

In this High-level Architecture, I used an existing Peoplesoft HRMS System as a trusted source for OIM. OIM will play a role of central repository to store user and group information. The User Provisioning will be happening to multiple target systems mentioned in the diagram.

PSFT Employee Reconciliation Connector is used to perform trusted source reconciliation with Peoplesoft HRMS system. In this scenario, Peoplesoft HRMS system is the source for all the user or employee related information during the entire user management lifecycle (user add, user delete, user modification etc). There are two versions of the PSFT Employee Recon Connector.

  • Version 9.0.4.x
  • Version 9.1.x

If you are in Peopletools 8.48 or earlier releases, then you should opt for 9.0.4. For detailed list of supported releases, you can refer the connector documentation.

Both Version 9.0.4.x and Version 9.1.x use Integration Broker Architecture for integrating with OIM. As you are aware, the IB architecture is considerably changed starting with Peopletools 8.48. There are new features added in Peopletools 8.49. For Version 9.1.x, the Supported Peoplesoft HRMS systems are 8.9, 9.0 and 9.1 with Peopletools 8.49 and 8.50.

Let’s explore these two Peoplesoft Connectors for OIM in future posts. I really like to share and learn more about these connectors, mainly for two reasons. I worked as Peoplesoft Admin for so many years and I also learned some basics of OIM recently. Let’s meet in next post. Until then

Vijay Chinnasamy

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Gustavo Adriano - January 8th, 2011

How to deploy Peoplesoft Employee connector 9.0.4 in to Oracle Identity Manager 11g?

atul kumar - August 13th, 2010

Hi Vijay, very good post indeed . I enjoed reading it specially the way u have explained this. Keep coming more on OIM

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