PeopleSoft Audit Reports and Migration

Posted by Nitin Pai
October 8th, 2007

I have always recommended the following reports to determine a clean migration especially when there are a ton of objects to be migrated (PS Upgrade, Application of Maintenance Packs or Bundles, etc).

Prior to application of the bundles execute the following.

4. UPGCOUNT (just prior to the actual migration)

The first three can be executed a few hours or days before the actual migration as long as you ensure that no changes are migrated or performed in to the target environment which might cause an impact on these reports. However the UPGCOUNT process has to run just prior to the actual migration because this provides a row count of every record in the DB.
You need to re-run the above reports after completion of the migration. The objective should be as noted below.

1. Ensure that the reports match
2. For any mismatch there has to be an explanation

Note 1:
UPGCOUNT might not match for all records after application of Maintenance Pack/Bundle/Upgrade. You need to identify what caused the change. You can denote “Bundle 12 – Data Mover script upgnnnn.dms” in your documentation. This exercise will ensure that you have a clean migration.

Record Before After Comments
PSPRCSRQST 10002 10008 Bundle # 11 – Execution of SQR program in step 21, 22, 29.
BENEFIT_PARTIC 103110 103212 Bundle # 12 – Execution of data mover script upgnnnn.dms

Note 2:

It is a good practice to ensure that you have a clean SYSAUDIT, DDDAUDIT and ALTER AUDIT report.

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